Uganda’s Chilling Crimes- of- Passion


Ugandan Spouse Killers from Former President Field Martial Idi Amin Dada, MPs, Police Bosses to Asian Businessman and still counting

By Stephen K Muwambi

This fair republic has had its fair share of gruesome crimes- of- passion. Such murderers include a former President, Member of Parliament and even a Police boss, ironically whose job was to protect lives from harm!

As we write this, Ugandans are still trying to come to terms with another crime-of passion where housewife Jackie Uwera Nsenga killed her husband Juvenal Nsenga.

Justice Duncan Gaswaga this week convicted Jackie of murder and sentenced her to 20 years in jail for the crime.

How people who swore total love to their spouses, are the very ones who ended up sending them six-feet under instead, is as baffling as it is saddening at the same time. Below are some of the most memorable crimes of passion that shook the nation in the recent past.

Amin dismembers favorite wife

Kay and dictator Idi Amin

The dictator’s second and favorite wife, Kay Adroa angered him when she hooked up with a Mulago Pathologist, Dr Peter Mbalu Mukasa. To add injury to insult, Amin’s former Private Secretary Henry Kyemba says Kay went on to be impregnated by the said pathologist.

Kyemba faults Amin for Kay’s cheating. In his State of Blood novel, Kyemba reveals that Amin did not spare enough romance for his wive and it could have been this that prompted Kay to run into Dr Mbalu’s arms.

Kyemba also blames Kay’s cheating on Amin’s insatiable appetite for ladies. Before their civil marriage, Amin had a senior wife in Malyamu. He would later add onto them Madina and others.

And now back to Kay’s murder; after receiving intelligence info that Kay was seeing Dr Mbalu, Amin is alleged to have started on plotting to kill her. Accounts have it that Amin cut off Kay’s legs and hands, having the body dumped in Namanve Forest, about eight miles off Jinja road. This was on August 14, 1974.

News relayed over Radio Uganda would twist the incident by reporting that Kay’s body had been found inside Dr Mbalu’s car! It was also alleged that Kay had just had an abortion with Dr Mbalu still named as the doctor who masterminded the procedure.

Kyemba tells how Amin did not show any emotion at all when he (Kyemba) who was the Minister of Health at the time relayed the news to him.

Amin had divorced his four wives in a public radio announcement, including Kay. As fate would have it, however, Kay’s dad, Rt Rev. Adroa reportedly prevailed over Amin who was his personal friend to reconsider the action. Amin eventually accepted only to allegedly bump off Kay later.

MP Hussein Akbar Godi

Akbar Godi

Three years into his five year term as Arua Municipality MP, Akbar Godi was jailed for 25 years having masterminded his estranged wife, Rehema Ceasar’s murder. He has since failed to have the sentence reviewed by the higher courts.

Prosecution told court how Godi drove his girlfriend to Mukono, where he gunned her down, before driving off.

Godi accused Rehema of seeing other men behind his back and it also emerged during the court trial that Rehema had actually asked to find himself another wife, which angered him and forced him to bump off the girl in 2008.

Police Boss Arien

James Arien was the Mukono District Police Commander (PDC) when he shot his wife Christine Apolot dead on April 20, 2008. Trouble started when Arien reportedly accused his wife of seeing other men and a big quarrel ensued between them. Apolot withdrew to the house where he picked his pistol and followed her to their house inside the Lugazi Police Station quarters.

“Here, come and shoot me,” Apolot dared her husband. A bullet rung out and Apolot lay helpless on the ground. Apolot picked her up, in an attempt to rush her to hospital and on realising she was dead, Arien abandoned the body and dashed into hiding. A week later, Arien turned himself into Kibuli CIID headquarters.

There was an attempt to fail justice in this case, when the key witness one Akello, a young sister to the deceased went missing. However, the State located Akello and she told court what happened on that day.

Arien is currently awaiting hanging after he was sentenced to death in November 2010 for the murder in question.

Sharma Kooky

It’s another murder which sent chills down the spines of Ugandans. Sharma used a combination of poison and electrocution to kill Renu in the 2000 murder that bewildered the nation.

Kooky was arrested together with his brother Davinder Kumar and High Court sentenced them to death. Their lost their appeal in the Court of Appeal. Kumar was later released by the Supreme Court, leaving Kooky in the coolers.

President Museveni would use his prerogative of mercy to release Kooky, after about ten years or so, sending women activists into a rage.

Lydia Draru

Doubts still abound as to whether the self-confessed sex worker, is really the one who killed the battle hardened Maj Gen Kazini. Kazini was found lifeless in Draru’s rented house in Namuwongo and she later came up to confess she was the murderer in this case. She is serving time in jail and her murder charge was reduced to manslaughter after lawyers convinced court that she killed in her own defense.

Suzan Kigula

Suzan Kigula

She used a panga to slit the throat of her husband Seremba Kigula, a businessman in downtown Kikuubo. She carried the murder afoul with her on July 9, 2000 in Kawaala, a Kampala suburb. Evidence showed that Suzan killed Seremba to take over his riches. Both were found guilty of murder by the Supreme Court and relevant Court’s below.

The Constitutional Court has since commuted the sentence to life imprisonment. Suzan led the constitutional petition, where the Justices ruled that gallow convicts must be hanged in three years, short of which, the sentence automatically reduces to life imprisonment. She was the pioneer beneficiary of the Constitutional Court judgement.

Harriet Kansiimire

Former lover to dare-devil rally driver Gerald Kiddu, she was blamed for his death. Kiddu was shot during a night at Kansimire’s home in Bbunga. Long after Kansimire’s conviction for the crime, the murder cropped up again during the Julia Ssebutinde inquiry into the Police Force. It was alleged at the probe that Kansiimire never killed Kiddu, but his former employer who is a tycoon in town actually masterminded the murder.

David Kikaawa

David Kikaawa with Linah Keza (RIP)

Theirs was meant to be an amazing relationship like most hope for when they start out on this journey. Together they sired a beautiful daughter and nothing could prepare the world for the gruesome murder of Linah Keza after the two parted ways.

Obsessed with his ex and finding it hard to let go, UK based Ugandan murdered his ex girlfriend in cold blood and worse still, in front of their then two year old. In the wake of the gruesome murder, Kikaawa went missing but was later arrested. He was later charged with murder although it is still unclear if he was ever given a sentence. 

Christine Karitundu

Most people from the western part of the country must remember celebrated actor Rutamirika real name Winkle Wakaritundu because most grew up watching his plays (he was Uganda’s Mr. Bean then). Rutamirika was gunned down as he returned home in the wee hours of the morning on March 15, 2008. Rutamirika was with his wife on the fateful night that he was murdered and after investigations, it emerged that the widow together with her Congolese lover Christiano Bulira had hired the gun men to end the actor’s life.

Christiano was sentenced to 50 years in jail while Christine was sentenced to twenty five years.  “The sentence given will serve to help you remember your cold-hearted and callous acts for the rest of your natural lives. Only two of you know what prompted you to take such a drastic and fatal action against a man you interacted with so closely for such a long time,” the judge said as he handed down the sentence.

Tom Nkurunjira aka Tonku

The bespectacled businessman chopped his lover Brenda Karamuzi into pieces. Done with the murder most afoul, Karamuzi hid Brenda’s mutilated body into a septic tank just behind his rented apartment in Bukasa- Makindye division.

Brenda’s body was retrieved on January 31, 2010, almost three weeks after her murder. After a total of seventeen witnesses had pinned Tonku, Justice Rugadya Atwooki sent him to the gallows to hang.

His shamba boy Fred Ssempijja, who kept his mum about the murder escaped death, with the judge sentencing him to only five years. Tonku has since appealed.

Fiona Mutamba

Fiona Mutamba a then intern with Local Governments Finance Commission at Workers House who is believed to have stabbed dead her lover who had reportedly caught her pants down with another man.
Mutamba put to an instant halt, the life of her lover Baker Kirenzi, a Claims Assistant with Finex Insurance Co. after a short brawl which resulted from the latter’s discovery that she was enjoying a cozy company with another man in one of the lifts of Workers House from where both work.

Edited by Almeidah Karemani

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