TREAD CAREFULLY: Trouble as Classic FM’s Denis Duke hooks Police’s Polly Namaye’s Private Number

Classic FM radio presenter Denis Duke and Polly Namaye

Trouble could be brewing in the household of Deputy Police Spokesperson Polly Namaye after Classic FM radio presenter Denis Duke obtained her private number recently.

Our eagle eyed pries saw the two exchanging numbers at lightning speed this week prompting our concerns that something could be brewing even if outside our gaze.

The two public personalities met at a public function and using his secret charms which he applies to solve lovers’ problems on his online night radio show Duke was seen recording the digits of the elusive Namaye.

Surprisingly she did not take his but asked him to beep her as we saw him making a call that ended in three seconds shortly after he stored her number in his phone.

A few weeks ago, Namaye was pictured with army spokesperson Paddy Ankunda in sensitive angles. At the time they both accused the media of forging an intimacy that would jeopardize their respective private lives. Namaye is said to be married and so is Ankunda.

This time round a radio deejay with a baritone that can lure Queen Elizabeth has entered the picture. Polly Namaye is one of the most articulate spokespersons the Uganda Police has ever had. She is also one of the sexiest to grace that position.

On one of his radio shows last month, Dennis Duke spoke of why it was important to grab opportunities to find love before they vanish. He said “when you are in a taxi and you see this wonderful babe, if you were about to get out, do not get out, continue until where she gets out from so that you take her number. Opportunities lost once will never be found again.”

The Bed Time Show which Denis does on Classic FM which broadcasts on an online English radio station in Kampala runs from 8pm to 12 midnight every Monday to Friday.

The developments around Denis Duke do not come as a surprise as Night Show presenters tend to be lover boys. His predecessors in the field like the late DJ Ronnie and Roger Mugisha were renowned for their capability in that area.

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