WOMEN EMANCIPATION! An Ideology That Hinders the Significance of Women in the World!

Eng. Dr. Winnie Byanyima's Presidential ambitions should not be seen as extra-ordinary

Marie Antoinette is a name we ought to associate with women in power. The foreign queen used her husband to achieve her fictions – buying so many designer clothes of her time, having as many parties as she could and being insensitive to the people.

Women over the years have struggled and achieved their worth. They have managed to change the path that History will take. Women will be heard of for their good deeds and mistakes. However, it is safe to say now that this is overrated. The world should not make decisions basing on gender. As the rest of the world, we desired Hilary Clinton for America for many reasons, one of which was her gender. And men have let the women play the gender card. My opinion is, women should get over it.

The United Kingdom is ruled by two women – Queen Elizabeth II and PM Theresa May. The German chancellor is a woman – Angella Merkel. Brazil had a female President – Dilma Roussef. When you come down the power chain, the numbers of women will keep going up. In the business world, women have broken the ‘glass ceiling’, to some extent.

Even after that break through, they still keep complaining about their insignificance. The issue is, it isn’t the men that need to know of the significance of women but the women need to prove it to themselves that they are just as capable as men. Men have come to terms with the fact that women can do better. The women however, desire to see the world turn upside down. They just can’t embrace their victory.

Eng. Winnie Byanyima, the Executive Director at Oxfam International wants to run for Ugandan presidency, or so, it is said. It is now a big issue in the country and it’s the women that are making a big deal out of this. We have failed to see that it is normal for a woman to run for presidency. Recently, NBS’ THE FRONTLINE show had a caption: ‘Is it time for a woman president?’ Well, when was it never time for a woman president? People make it sound like a nation needs to be first developed by men and then handed over to the women to maintain the development. This implies that a woman cannot build something great out of nothing.

If Winnie Byanyima runs for presidency with an agenda I believe in, I will vote for her. However, my consideration to vote Byanyima will never be because of her sex. If women really need to be equal to men, they shouldn’t make their contribution to society a big deal, because men don’t.

The men that history remembers are those that have done extra-ordinary things or those that terrorized the world. Why then do women want to be popular for mere startups? There is never any need to attach gender to achievement. All that needs to be done is remember what was done by whoever did it and not whether it was a woman or a man.

A philosopher stated that women are stupid for wanting to be equal to men because the truth is, they were always our superiors. It could have been a consolation for them or the simple truth. The role of women in the world is way bigger than that of a man in a country. If true equality is what is desired by women, then the world should abolish gender based programmes. Gender inequality will exist as long as the idealism of gender. True gender equality means seeing a world filled with people of great potential and not a world filled with men and women of potential.

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Kenneth is currently a Mass Communication student at St Lawrence University. He holds a certificate in History and Literature. He is a social political critique, good creative writer and a poet.