Media Guru David Kazoora Yet to clinch UBC’s Magic one Partnership deal as details of Mbidde being behind the new listing Emerge

David Mbidde, Simon Kaheru and David Kazoora
David Mbidde, Simon Kaheru and David Kazoora

‘What goes around comes around’ and ‘birds of the same feather flock together’ what is getting revealed regarding the clinching of the new job by David Kazoora at the government broadcaster UBC is that the main link man was Dennis Mbidde. Mbidde who is known by many as an ardent sports fun is the man behind the new partnership between, Buddies Production owned by David Kazoora and that station. Mbidde is the former Chief Commercial Officer of UBC TV.

According to a reliable mole that preferred anonymity, it is after the PPDA Act as regards UBC that Kazoora through Mbidde is said to have approached the new Managing director of the company Simon Kaheru who okayed the deal about three months ago.

It is since then that the relevant parties have been having meetings about the same and that it was agreed between the trio, the information started filtering in about Kazoora’s buddies partnering with UBC’s Magic One TV.

Kazoora is a Partner not CEO;

Though Kazoora has allegedly been going around claiming that he is the new CEO of Magic One TV, the ugly truth is that he will only be acting as one of its production overseer directly under one Calvin the Entertainer who is currently handling the mantle.

Under the agreement that we have been privy to, Uganda Broad casting Corporation will retain a 60% shares as Kazoora’s Buddies will take the other 40%.

This trashes earlier speculation that Kazoora had scooped the CEO slot at the station with the actual truth being that he is just a partner as it has been the case when he acted as a content partner with NBS and NTV where he was prior linked.

Deal yet to be finalized;

The same source says that it is premature for Kazoora to go around claiming that the deal has been sealed. The source claims that it is merely in the final stages awaiting a meeting scheduled for Friday next week in the company’s board room.

Our source further told us that Kazoora cannot take over wholly, thanks to the PPDA act and that Parliament will get involved as UBC is a government that is not at liberty to transact business with a private firm without fulfilling certain legal modalities.

As in such a case scenario, Kazoora will not be earning a salary from UBC as his job will be to create content to be merged with the current one. He will also be instrumental in generating revenue for both parties to share.

The same source further reveals that Kazoora has also set his eyes on Magic Fm radio station.

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