77 DOGS: Pastor Robert Kayanja’s 77 Days of Glory puts Uganda on World Attention As Scores Get Benedictions

Pastor Robert Kayanja, the miracle worker
Pastor Robert Kayanja, the miracle worker

To prove this, just head to Rubaga Miracle Centre headed by the renowned city Pastor, Robert Kayanja.

His new revival crusade code named 77 DOGS (77 Days Of Glory) has drawn crowds from all corners of God’s universe. Men and women have come to the cathedral to witness the real healing powers of God. The cries of the demon-possessed can be heard from distances as you come closer to the scene; demons crying for mercy from the man of God to at least cast them into a nearby piggery instead of completely destroying them.

It’s not a medical facility but sick people are seen limping to the church for free healing services. Nor is it a government ministry but you’ll see lots of people with social providence. It’s not a life counselling center but people are seen going there with steady belief to get relieved of their social stigma.

The sick get permanently healed, the poor get a financial status uplift and the disheartened return home relieved of their psychological sicknesses.

Pastor Robert Kayanja lets off a simple, composed and confident personality with the spirit of kindness. It is exhibited by the way he commences his preaching with those soothing songs of hope. He stylishly hums and the mass choir joins in chorus followed by the whole congregation in praise. “Oh, oh, oh, Victory belongs to Jesus. Oh Victory belongs to Him,” would later turn into a real burst, into loud chorus from the multitudes of people in and around the vast sitting cathedral.

I could see the King Solomon’s Temple with all modern lighting facilities and modern sound system, needless to mention the giant screens provided for late comers who are not chanced to sit inside but rather watch from around the Church. If you’ve never got a chance to see the world’s biggest congregation ,save the little you have for an air ticket or bus ticket and come witness what you will testify before God in heaven.

If you have never heard of sophisticated crimes being secretly committed around the world, come and learn lessons of how humans from different races survive on earth only on the mercy of the creator. People have confessed all sorts of sins involving social, economic and physical atrocities committed either in darkness or in broad day light.

The person of Robert Kayanja is such an exemplify man. He has given to the needy and God chosen all kinds of gifts and donations ranging from cash to posh cars, household properties and real estates. I personally saw him handing over a stylishly furnished house to a God chosen servant that testified to once being a Kifeesi (city thugs) but now a born again convert.

Believe me, the blind can see, the deaf can hear, the dumb will talk, the childless will conceive and the sick will get healed. Try your luck during the ongoing 77 DOGS when they are still on. It’s a period of miracle crusading being witnessed by pastors from all corners of the world. For the first time the white human race can now accept a black man’s dominance and this time we shall see a black angel.

As it happened for the first time in this country, the man of God served his flock with Jewish dinner prepared with mutton and bitter green salads. For the first time still people were treated to new happenings as they saw drones hovering above them taking pictures being broadcast directly to the channel 44 television network.

Pastor Robert Kayanja is the founder of the famous spiritual ministry popularly known as Kayanja ministries which owns the most loved non-commercial TV station, channel 44. He has lived in Uganda preaching the word of God both in church and open space crusades. He has been seen both on local scene and overseas conducting healing crusades, to the Black race and the white to the old and grown up and the young, to the wealthy and the poor, to the followers of Christ and the non-believers mostly of the Islamic faith. Many have been converted and given their lives to Jesus denouncing the spirit of religions and paganism.

He is known to be a biological brother of Archbishop John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu, the 97th Archbishop of York, Metropolitan of the province of York and Primate of England, the only black bishop serving in the Church of England,. He is also a biological brother to Bishop Patrick Makumbi of Global Gospel Healing Ministries in Kampala. So it’s not by accident that the man of God got the anointment, he has a big background in relation to church ministering. Watch this space for more.

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  • Richard K

    This is similar to the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles in 1906. It was led by a black man called William Seymour. These are going to be more frequent as Jesus is coming back soon. Many nations will move their embassies to Jerusalem and revival will also break out there. See Zechariah in the bible.