DP Contradictions deepen as NRMO and FDC threaten to Send the Political Party into Oblivion

L-R, Nobert Mao, Mukasa Mbidde, Kezaala, Erias Lukwago.
L-R, Nobert Mao, Mukasa Mbidde, Kezaala, Erias Lukwago.

The unrepentant leaders in the Democratic Party have always been the reason as to why the oldest political party in Uganda has failed to clinch the leading role in the political arena. As time passes by, many of her leaders have misled the party into political arrangements which have only led to minnow results as the number of members continue to shrink.

The Investigator news has authoritatively learned of the events which have episodically led to the creation of infinity factions in the party. Notwithstanding, the gust and firebrand politics played by other political parties, this has led to many members to cross to other political parties most especially for money and political nominations.

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s insinuations to Hon. Norbert Mao show the kind of leaders they are. Both think they are leaders but are directly ‘miss-leaders’ of the current DP factions. Both of them know the fact that they are not fully supported by the party members but all cling on to the leadership roles. In such contradictions the two factions have disastrously led the party into oblivion to the extent that

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s love for Democratic Party – by supporting Hon. Mukasa Mbidde in the EALA elections and indeed availing Mr. Baswale Kezala Mohammad a lifeline after the failed political career are among the reasons why see the accelerated divisions. Indeed the president loves DP in the sense that, he has almost fished out those he believes have ideas to run his government. Since DP brags of being the brain power political party; it is therefore clear for president Museveni to pick out the best brains in the names of Nakiwala Kiyingi as well as Deputy Ambassador Kezala Baswale Mohammad.

Poverty is one other disease killing DP: Many of the youthful leaders in DP are poor. They are ever on the search for the elusive jobs in the country thus giving less time to the political party. Away from that, the NRMO people and leaders have the money and indeed entice the DP stalwarts so easily that with the money no one can deny any offer from the already corrupt NRMO. Besides that, it has been rumored but now confirmed that many DP members continue to use the ‘State House’s back door’ to execute political deals with the president and indeed request for financial support! How can one disapprove that when many of them are being nominated in the different posts without any rejection but rather resign and accept? Such answers can be got from Kezala, Kiyingi and indeed Mao, himself!

Recently, the communication between Hon. Nakiwala Kiyingi and one of her close associates were simply discussing and be-littering the Mao administration since she crossed to the ministerial role she was given by the president. Of course she cannot be controlled by DP at the moment simply because she has the financial muscle to squeeze the rest into understanding her or accepting what she says. It’s as simple as that.

Even organizing DP press conferences, takes money and indeed funding them is a challenge. The dilemma is that no one is interested in funding that based on the many factions in the party. When Hon. Mao asked the truth that, the Lord Mayor’s office is not very far from where they address the press but still he does not come! It is sad that no one is eager to listen to each other and they want always to prove that they are in charge of the party factions!

The continued tribal sentiments in the party together with the religious issues are putting the party at stake. Many of the Baganda leaders feel dejected by Mao’s leadership simply because he hails from northern Uganda. The DP principles have been historically enshrined near the Catholic Church thus the continued misdeeds and misunderstandings have resurrected that notion to many members. Based on that, some leaders are rejected or even never approved of as leaders of the party. Some of those who have come from different regions of the country plus being non-Baganda have been underestimated and never accepted by some life members of the party.

NRMO is not taking scrap as Mao alleges: DP’s national chairman together with DP’s diehard supporter Ms. Stella Kiyingi, who crossed to NRMO in a bid to solicit for support on her candidature as EALA legislator. With that in mind, you cannot say that your national chairman, Kezala Baswale Muhammad, who has been appointed a deputy ambassador in the office of the president, was a mere political scrap. If he’s that political scrap yet you share the same or exact political roles in the party, then you’re also ‘scrap’. That’s pure political deceit which many politicians thrive on, yet they continue to dupe Ugandans as the opposition leaders.

Besides that, Kezala’s deputy, Dr. Mayambala Kiwanuka in the party has taken over Kezala’s roles. The truth that the party is dented is far-reaching than expected. On top of that, DP has summoned all political party’s leadership organs to urgently have meetings so as they find solutions to the many issues which have made political grievances rife including the Kezala issue. That in itself constitutes the truth that, he was not that alleged political scrap nonetheless, he has even carried away DP’s political secrets into the hands of Museveni!

Many members of the Democratic Party the, ‘The Investigator news’ talked to; have confirmed the sheer political deceit Mao stated in the press conference. They ascertained that, its direct political hog-worth and it looks like their leaders are sinking the political party into oblivion. They gave the example of the recent presidential elections were part of the party supported the FDC candidate while the Mao led faction went for NRMO – Go Forward, Hon. John Patrick Amama Mbabazi.

In this exclusive discussion with the senior DP leaders, they affirmed the truth that, the party needs re-invention with new strategies to convince Ugandans to support the party based on the fact that, all is not well even in the other political parties. They gave the example of FDC as one which is also having three factions which might be the next exclusive; The Investigator will offer analysis soon. Many therefore, understand that, this is the great time to reorganize the party and clearly galvanize support and have a formidable political challenge to the NRMO and FDC.

Knowing it all attitudes of DP leaders: Many leaders, supporters, members and followers of DP are ardent believers in themselves and themselves alone. Actually they prove to the misconception that; “they know everything of everything”. Not, a single leader in DP per say can accept advice. They take others as political novices and merely NRMO sellouts! Yes we can understand that political moles exist in all parties because that is the reason as to why political parties are formed to attain power and maintain it. It is true that NRMO has spies in all political parties simply because they want to sustain and contain power! They need information, those political secrets and other potential political challengers to their policies towards the country and how of course they can have the best policies against those of their opponents.

The problem with DP however, has always been the truth that, they never listen to each other! It has and indeed continues to surface that Mao and Lukwago cannot afford to listen to each other for the good of the party they all love most. For a long time (about 9 years), Lukwago has never supported Mao even in his 2011 bid for the presidency. Not only that, but he continued to solicit for support for Dr. Kizza Besigye both in 2011 and 2016 respectively!

Away from that, he formed the DP faction even when he thinks that was the best idea and walked away with many members of the party directly into FDC. He’s almost Besigye’s right hand man or nonetheless “his errand boy or wololo” at that! He cannot see his mistakes and a great role in shrinking the political party to oblivion. As if that is not enough for Lukwago, he continues to underestimate Mao and brags of his support for the party. What a political contradiction!

Even Mao is the same as Lukwago. He’s egocentric and a good orator. Mao, the politician is very knowledgeable and articulate. When one meets Mao, the lawyer, you might think there is no case in court he can lose. Listening to Mao makes one think that he’s the leader well conversant of the problems the country is facing including those in his party. The dilemma in his arguments is in implementation.

Both Mao and Lukwago are lawyers who love arguing over fiction other than the truth in a point! Their perpetual political fights have sunk the party so low and into factions. If nothing is done to end these political challenges at the earliest, Mukasa Mbidde might also have his faction into NRMO after seeking support also from the president on his EALA MP candidature.

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