JUST NOT ABOUT: Until He Realizes his Kick-Boxing Talent Academy Project, Golola Won’t tiredly Retire

kick-boxer Moses Golola
kick-boxer Moses Golola

Uganda’s motor mouthed kick-boxer Moses Golola is not the man to consider retiring at the moment. His kickboxing dream firmly lives on and he wants to be the first country’s kick-boxer to leave legacy behind long even after he will have gone.

“Until I finish the academy, I still need to fight to build the academy. I am not tired and not about to retire.” Golola told The Investigator sport.

At least one more fight and Golola will think about his future fate in Kick-boxing. Golola apparently told this website that his next fight will be coming in the next three weeks. But this is all dedicated to his Kick-boxing academy work.

“I plan to fix a fight in three (3) Weeks from now, I will be confirming.” According to his projected plan, this talent academy all needs three (3) billion Uganda shillings.

Issue tabled in state house

Golola says his issue is already at the state house desk in the office of Principal Private Secretary to the President. Golola is not sure when the issue will be effected though.

“I talked with the President (Museveni) and he was positive about it. President gave orders to his Principal Private Secretary (PPS), Molly Kamukama to work on that so this will push me to accomplish the academy.” Golola revealed, quickly adding, “I don’t know when the issue will be handled but at least the President is aware.”

Making Kick-boxing a brand

Born in 1980, Ugandan self-made celebrity, entertainer, champion Kick-boxer, actor, philanthropist, businessman and investor Moses Golola is known for building his personal brand.

While his actual accomplishments as a kick-boxer have been questioned by the media in Uganda, with accusations ranging from rigged events to outright fraud, Golola has, nevertheless, been credited with popularizing the sport of kick-boxing in Uganda, a discipline which previously generated minimal fan interest in Uganda and, has managed to build up a large fan following in Uganda.

Golola arrived large in the sport discipline in the 2011 fight against Abdul Qadir Rahim from South Sudan. He managed to attract the largest attendance in Uganda outside of Ugandan national football team matches and Golola has perhaps the largest fan following in Uganda outside of the national football team.

Golola has one of the largest online fan bases of anyone in Uganda. His fans have created various memes associated with Golola and even their own parody version of Downfall starring Golola.

Academy project

The irony is that roads are intended to make connections that improve. For Golola’s Kick-boxing talent academy, the regular sportsmen and women will be happy that the man, who made Kick-boxing a big brand to trade in, is building the academy to pass on the skills to the young.

A talent academy here will take the game and the fighters onto the bigger global scene as per Golola philosophy.

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