RAY OF HOPE: Troubled Sheila Malaika to Finally Jet Out Of Town as Friends Procure Ticket Monies

Victot and Sheila in happier times
Victot and Sheila in happier times

Sheila Malaika Mutesi a UK based Ugandan babe who has been stuck in our dusty town for some time, has finally received a ray of hope after friends jetted in from her adopted country recently and managed to set her travel ball rolling through their local contacts.

It is said that Sheila, who initially had travelled to Uganda using her UK residence card and a Ugandan emergency travel document, later went into a party hard romantic sojourn with one Meddie Kabangala.

It is during this time that Victor Nwosu, a Human Rights Lawyer and Social Justice Advocate who is the father of her four children got wind of her extra-marital affair with the young randy lad thus bringing it to the attention of the British Immigration offices. This development complicated her travel back to the queen’s land.

Having initially down played the seriousness of the status quo, thanks to her having been blinded by love, little did she know that it would be one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

In the heat of the moment, like we had earlier reported, it emerged that Meddie, with whom she was cheating, was also involved in relationship with a Ugandan lady, one Zuleya Hassan, who then promised to give her a fight of her life if she did not leave her man.

At about this time, Victor had then embarked on a divorce process and we then reported that; ‘Sheila Stuck and Broke as Child Tax Benefit is Deferred’

About three weeks ago, Victor is said to have successfully gone back to court and stopped the 600 pounds that she was getting weekly as child tax benefit and also managed to recover the cars including a Mercedes Benz that Sheila had access to, thanks to her having left the children minus a responsible overseer.

With the monies gone, Sheila had resorted to living off monies from loan sharks, but with them coming in tandem at the moment as the agreed time to remit the same is expired, she is currently in hot soup.

Sheila and her set of lovers
Sheila and her set of lovers

Her only option is to go back and find solace in the UK, where she might find hope by looking after her children and in the process getting the favored funding from her estranged hubby.

Meddie Goes Awol after Pregnancy Rumor:

After having a bad day at romantic school with the re-emergency tickle of the Zuleha affair with Meddie, things got from bad to worse after he (Meddie) heard that Sheila was pregnant.

Meddie then tactfully cut off links with her to avoid responsibility, though some of her (Sheila) close friends say that it was just a ploy to get the randy boy back into her arms.

At the moment with the friendly troop in town, Sheila has a new lease and hope of getting back to the UK.

And indeed one of the friends with contacts in Uganda a few days ago managed to process her National ID, with which she will finally be eligible to obtaining a Ugandan passport after two failed attempts.

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