Shock as IGP Kale Kayihura ‘Fails’ to Disarm a Self-Confessed Terror Group, Prompting an Angry Dossier to the President

Reluctant to act: Gen. Kale Kayihura

KAMPALA, Uganda: Shocking revelations have leaked detailing how the police leadership failed to disarm a cooperating  terror group even after some of the gang members confessed and further undertook to help hand-in their associates -in-crime to the authorities, Investigator exclusively report.

The Investigator website understands that the self-confessed rebel group members went as far as seeking an audience with the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen Edward Kale Kayihura in order to volunteer critical information regarding the insurrection, only to be bounced on all occasions.

An informer who have since May 2016 been struggling to connect the self-confessed terrorists to Kayihura have since lodged a complaint with President Yoweri Museveni asking him to reprimand those who were mandated to take action, but acted to the contrary.

The foregoing dossier has since fallen into our hands. It is dated February 9, 2017 and bears the names of the author (informer). He is called Ronald Muhairwe, who styles himself as a resident of Makindye, Ggangu near Kampala.

The dossier is titled; ‘Failure to disarm and neutralize a self-confessed rebel (UPDA) group by Uganda Police.’ Muhairwe has since handed over the complaint to the office of the President. We know that the president’s office received the dossier on February 10 this year, a day after Muhairwe had penned it. The dossier bears the stamp of acknowledgement from the President’s office.

Muhairwe kicks off his dossier by narrating how he got to learn of the existence of the rebels in question. He explains that he learned about them through a native doctor who had been apparently giving them voodoo to succeed in their endeavours to upset government through armed rebellion.

“It was in May 2016 when I got into contact with a native doctor who told me that he had a group of people he had been treating for a long time. They were carrying out rebel activities. He told me he had tried his best to convince these gentlemen to surrender to government.”

According to Muhairwe, the ‘juju’ man above had enticed the alleged rebels into abandoning rebellion by telling that government would pardon them thereby saving them death or arrest and a gruelling day in the courts of law.

“The men agreed and were also ready to bring their weapons,” Muhairwe quotes the witchdoctor as telling him. On getting this information from the witchdoctor, Muhairwe says he undertook to talk to the relevant authorities in order to get the establishment and the rebels to talk peace.

He recounts, “I went ahead and looked for the IPG (Gen Kale Kayihura) who I met through my friend at his office (Plot 10 in Naguru) in July 2016. I explained these men’s case to the IGP. In this meeting there was a one Jonathan Baroza, IGP and Enock Buntu.”

Upon hearing from Muhairwe, the chief of police is reported to have detailed his personal aide (Baroza) to handle the matter. Kayihura was due to fly out to Fort portal that night which is why he delegated Baroza to act on his behalf in this matter, according to Muhairwe.

A meeting ensued between Baroza and Muhairwe who later took leave of the consultation and asked the informer to bring the men he was talking about for a meeting which would take place upon Kayihura’s return from Fort portal.

Two weeks later, two of the alleged rebels turned up for a meeting with Baroza. “Baroza asked them for the name of their group which they said was UPDA. However, when he asked about their leaders, these men refused to tell him and promised to reveal that information only to the IGP or the President,” Muhairwe recounts.

But the alleged rebels informed Baroza that they were waiting for their instructor from Burundi who was mandated to give more details to the police leadership.

“They came with a pistol as part of the weapons they possessed which Baroza recorded down in his diary and told the men to sign for it. But afterwards he gave it back to them. Baroza told us when the instructor who is in Burundi came, we would have to bring them back and find a way out.

In the next meeting, they delivered three bombs to prove their status but nothing was done… Investigator efforts to reach Gen. Kayihura or Baroza for their take were futile as their phones repeatedly went unanswered… Watch this space for the full dossier…

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