Temporary Relief as Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere is Granted bail Amidst very Stringy Conditions

The High Court judge Eva Luswata granted Mumbere bail of sh100m not cash.
The High Court judge Eva Luswata granted Mumbere bail of sh100m not cash.

The Omusinga of the Rwenzururu kingdom, Charles Wesley Mumbere has been granted bail in the last three hours; The Investigator News can authoritatively report. Justice Micheal Elubu from the High Court in Jinja has granted this bail from Luzira maximum prison where the king has been on remand. He has been released on a non cash bail 100 million shillings.

This has followed after tedious negotiations with the government where his five sureties all affirmed his bail. Amongst the sureties was his brother, Chief Royal Prince Christopher Kyibazanga. Kyibazanga is also the state minister for agriculture.

The deal which was orchestrated between the Omusinga’s lawyers led by Caleb Alaka and the state operatives which included the UPDF set in conditions of the bail. Among the details included the royal guard brigade to maintain his security details which is also under the ‘Traditional and cultural leaders Act.

The police will as provide additional security detail by guarding his royal palace as well.  The king was also ordered never to set foot in Rwenzori region and that he will have access to his personal doctor plus his immediate family members. He was also asked that he must continue to report to the Jinja High Court Chief Magistrate together with reporting to the CIID in Kampala.

It was also earlier observed by the Omusinga’s lead lawyer that, they had struck a deal to release him on bail but they were rather agreeing on the bail terms which almost took a whole day. This was further affirmed upon with the state attorney, Ms. Grace Ntege Nabaggala, who clearly said that; “yes we have been involved and we have appended our signatures on page two. All the consultations have been done in consultation with the DPP, Mr. Michael Chibita.”

What must be easily noted here is that, earlier on; police had blocked journalists from accessing the courtroom where the Omusinga’s bail application hearing was taking place. This was rescinded after the intervention of the registrar and henceforth this coverage of these court proceedings.

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  • Robert Ndawula

    This is a good development however it looks like he has been transfered from a small prison to wider one 🙂

  • Daniels

    Good Start

  • Okech P

    some sigh of relief for the Kasese people