Kisekka Market Land Grabbers Named: Top City ‘Tycoons’ Fighting Nail And Tooth To Grab Market From Sitting Vendors

Geofrey Kayita addressing vendors
Geofrey Kayita addressing vendors

In our previous publications here we unearthed how things were unfolding at the Kisekka market project that has left many city goons with sleepless nights.

As per the previous court order by Justice Lydia Mugambe ordering the two warring parties led by one Robert Kisembo Kasoro, the self-imposed chairman, and that of Geoffrey Kayita, the legally elected chairman to settle the matter outside court. It was ordered that a general meeting of all stakeholders i.e. beneficiaries, to come up with a new elected leadership. This was seen by Kasoro’s party as a golden opportunity to finish sauce from the pan.

The order by lady Justice that the Registrar General should witness the ongoing process and later furnish the court with the result gave the latter a chance to turn black into white. As reported earlier, it is believed that Kisembo Kasoro in connivance with the URSB officials forged a list of members in preparation for the pending general meeting which was scheduled on 28/02/2017, whereby he had to forge a majority on the electorate list.

This was detected by Kayita’s party when they saw bonafide members being locked out of the venue, on claim that they had failed to pay a registration fee of shs 1.4m, hence denying them a chance to vote. Kasoro relied on the newly enlisted billion’s club members who were to give him all what he wanted.

As fate would have it, the day when the lady Justice had fixed to hear what had come out of the peaceful settlement came on the 6th/02/2017. In presence before court was, Kasoro’s Christom Katumba of Lukwago &co. Advocates representing Kasoro, Vincent Katutsi representing URSB and Katabarwa ,Ssenkeezi and Tebyasa advocates representing Kayita’s party as the plaintiff.

Always devil has no cover in-front of God, when the justice asked the registrar General to furnish court with the outcome, Ms Kainobwisho Mercy, shamelessly uttered unsigned documents, and the registers she had at hand showed registered members indicating they had registered before the company was in place. It further  went on to show that Kasoro who was claiming to have registered in 2010 well as he  was a member since 2007,a lot of inconsistencies were cited therein which prompted the Justice to cancel and nullify the results of the  Namboole meeting.

It should be remembered that evidence was laid on table showing the tricks Kasoro was playing to bring city goons on board at the expense of the original targeted beneficiaries contrary to President Museveni’s directive.

It was found beyond reasonable doubt that Kasoro has been soliciting big sums of money from city goons promising them big share when the project is tfinished.   As you will find out that all those smuggled in are loaded guys including,

Fulgensio Mungereza who in advance paid for 90 shops,

Mr. Godfrey Jooga Ssebukulu: He is a reknown city tycoon, a rotarian and a board member of Kisekka market vendors association,he has already  booked himself 20 shops , Peter Mukasa ,the owner of Bescon Hostel  along Sir Apollo Kaggwa road could not miss it out, John  Cossy Odomel, fomer Police Boss, could not sit and just watch the game, Dr. Munagana cannot stand to miss in action, and surprisingly Engineer Abraham Byandala former Works Minister had to show where Katosi road fund was spent and not forgetting Mr. Francis Lubanga the former Permanent secretary ministry of Education and sports had to prepare for his old age. The list is endless to mention but a few.

Matters were referred back to civil court for further hearing on 4th May 2017, when Nakivubo road Old Kampala Kisekka market vendors  ltd, Geoffrey Kayita, Rwakijuma Simon Peter, Kiboneka Samson and Zzizinga as plaintiff will be tussling it out with The registrar General, Uganda registration Services beuarue (URSB) and Registrar of documents as respondents. Watch this space for more about this scandalous move suppressing wanainchi by unscrupulous goons.

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