Top Land Officials Implicated in Selfish Give Away of Public Land as They Amass Abnormal Wealth

FILE PHOTO: Ahmed Damulira lands registrar Wakiso District
FILE PHOTO: Ahmed Damulira lands registrar Wakiso District

Two senior officials from the Lands ministry and natural resources department have been named in a series of land grabbing deals involving mainly public land.

The two officials who have series of accumulated wealth including posh hotels, lavish residential buildings within and around the city as well as posh state of the art vehicles have been identified by The Investigator.

These two whose titles we shall leave for today are Duncan Kasozi, Joseph Batume and other top officials in the land administration department of the ministry of lands, housing and urban development.

According to impeccable sources, the duo are supposed to face a ‘grilling’ on the floor of Parliament. According to a review of the documentation relating to public land 2015/2016, indicates serious foul play in the land sector. The findings discovered that there is absence of an inventory for Public land and unmapped government property.

The sad findings reveal how hard it is to establish how much land government owns and what has been issued out to public. The Investigator has established that the antics of the ‘sharp’ land officials has also made it so difficult for government to realise how much has been realised as revenue from a particular financial year and to project how much is expected from leases in the next financial year.

The Investigator has established that though the National Environmental Act 1995 and the Forest Act of 1967 clearly stipulates the guidelines in which wetlands and forests shall be declared and gazetted, the ‘wise’ land officials have bended and twisted these rules with impunity to their benefit. The Act is very clear. It states that the guideline for assurance of public land under lease or freehold tenure requires that an interested party submits their application for respective tenure of land ownership to the District land board which in consultation with the area land committees shall carry out clerical work involving establishing ownership, demarcation of boundaries and ensure that the applications is in accordance with the NEMA Act of 1995 and the 1947 Forest Act.

The unfortunate part is that though it is very well stipulated that the District Land Board, through the district land officer who doubles as the secretary to the land board shall then advice the commissioner Surveys and Mapping or any other person delegated by him to issue instructions to survey subject to the conditions provided in the law.

What we can reveal here is that our investigations reveal land officers who are supposed to advice the commissioner for surveys and mapping prior to the title granting by the commissioner land registration have been doing to the contrary.

Wealth unearthed

We can reveal that one of these named officers has a posh house in Kitinda, an upscale suburb in Entebbe. The district staff surveyor owns the lavish hotel, Hollyfam located in Nansana along the Hoima highway. We have undug reports that these ‘fishy’ officials collude with pompous land area committee chairpersons who drives a personalised plate ‘Chief’ who was of recent implicate in the UNRA compensations

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