Kicks of a Dying Horse? Gen Kayihura Panics, Drags Media to Court over own Mess in Kaweesi Murder Probe

Confused: Gen. Kale Kayihura and his Court document

By James Scott

KAMPALA, Uganda: The inevitably weakening Uganda Police Force boss Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura last night fell victim of fake advisors when he jumped out of his skin to drag the mighty Investigator and three other media houses to court, claiming the continued investigative reporting of his Assistant, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s murder would endanger ‘already endangered’ investigations.

Through the Attorney General, Gen. Kayihura swore an affidavit against online media outlets including the Investigator, Chimp Reports, the Ugandan, and the print and online versions of the Red Pepper Publications, saying their continued coverage of his hitherto blue-eyed boy Kaweesi’s murder investigation findings were “injurious” to the national security.

Also lined for the legal battle are the proprietors and editors of the publications. They include; Stanley Ndawula (the Investigator), Chimp Reports’ Giles Muhame, and The Ugandans’ Dickson Kagurusi, in addition to individual editors and editors in Chief.

“TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the grounds upon which this application is based are supported by the Affidavit of Gen. Kale Kayihura which shall be relied upon at the hearing of this application,” the Attorney General wrote, ‘clearing self’ of the plaint where, the person of Gen. Kayihura also prays for the suit costs and damages from the defendants.

The Investigator understands that whereas Gen. Kayihura is a professional lawyer, and whose police management authority comprises among others, the legal section whose head would have dragged the media to court, he personally chose to hold the bull by the horns, lending credence to allegations that he has ‘personal interest’ in his police officer’s murder investigations.

In the affidavit via which he begs court to slap a permanent injunction on the media coverage of Kaweesi murder investigations, Kayihura does not fault his ‘tormentors’ of misinforming the readers but rather, giving the public what they are not meant to know, hence undermining, confusing, and compromising the integrity and outcome of the investigations!

The Investigator gathers that after failing to ‘talk peace’ with some of the journalists from the affected media houses, Kayihura was advised by three ‘journalists’ to legally go against the ‘offensive’ media outlets. It is said the ‘journalists’ and a few crime ‘preventers,’ some of whom also former journalists have lately siphoned good dimes from the General to supposedly wet-beak the ‘offending’ journalists.

The Gist

That General Kayihura has been challenged by his own people is an old story. He has fervently fought to save faces of his ‘crime infiltrated police’ officers, especially in the Kaweesi murder, making every upright thinking journalists, investigators and members of public believe the myth of… “Who knows…the boss could be having special interests.”

Several incidents have emerged since Kaweesi’s murder and whoever is pointed at as an internal player is either transferred or sent for a course. This information ends in the ears of the media not because the respective journalists sleep in the General’s compound but because his rather patriotic helpers and ‘suckers’ are sick and tired of sinking the country any further.

The General is further bitter because; “Publications and intended publications on the investigation into the murder of AIGP Felix Kaweesi are confidential information which will and/or is likely to jeopardize the work of Uganda Police Force and security agencies in Uganda.” He however falls short to explain why only Kaweesi’s investigations are confidential and not others before.

Seeking for an injunction to have the media out of the disturbingly confused Kaweesi murder investigations, Kayihura also prayed that court awards him costs and general damages! “Thereafter that the Applicant shall be heard for orders that; an interim order doth issue restraining the respondents/defendants… from publishing the contents or running any series on the investigation into the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi…The cost of this application be provided for…”

Speaking to this writer last night, the composed Investigator CEO Ndawula Stanley said the General had chosen a wrong path and would ‘dance to his own music.’ He said; “Whoever advised the General to choose that roadway is his main enemy. I am happy there is nowhere he mentions we published false information but rather we shouldn’t tell the public. Shame upon him.”

Ndawula said the matter has been handed over to the Company Secretary, Roberts Friday Kagoro, also senior partner with Muwema and Company Advocates who has already registered more than 13 lawyers that are willing to offer free services not only to the accused Investigator Company and individuals but to all the affected online media houses… Watch this Space

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  • Walugembe Abaasi Ziribassente

    Its only God who can silence Our “The investigator News”I am sorry for my good friend Gen Kale, another tax payers money going to be paid to complete Online media for Mr Kale in so called attempt to abolish freedom of press on based daily truth.

    • Gordon Jons

      Every dog has its day, i think those who planned and executed Kaweesi,s death are sweating every day and night than him who is resting in peace. To the investigator team, do not be threatened, stick to ur proffession, God will reward you.

    • Thanks a lot Abbey

  • Walter

    My late father former Senior police office once stated that Gen Kale was the biggest mistake Museveni had done to The Uganda Police. He preferred Gen Wamale than this fella Kale. Now I can see what he meant. RIP dad, your words have come to pass

    • Sorry may he continue to rest peacefully

      • Walter

        Many thanks to you all @investigatorug:disqus, utmost appreciations. My late dad and most of his colleagues who were highly trained professional senior police officers in the UK and West Germany at the times. Most of them were forcefully retired and given marching orders. some of them used to work at Impala House a top CID office in Uganda then. More less all have since died very painful deaths. Keep up the good journalists @ The Investigator. Our people need to be informed hence information empowers the people. I salute you all. For God and my Country

  • MAGOMBE Joshua

    Is it true that 4500 murder cases are still under investigations.And i hear mbu these are cases between the years 2011-2015.Now oba how many are under investigation since 2015 todate.they must have doubled,not with the Kasese murders,post election murders,Kagezi,muslim clerics(i don’t know how many),children sacrifised,bodaboda accidents,patients in hospital. Uuummmhhh the list is long.Any way,what am trying to say is that ndugu Kale is always faced with divided attention.mzei please concentrate on one case at a time.otherwise you stand losing out on the most important crucial matter right now (KAWEESI).