Uganda’s Gruesome Murders Won’t Stop Any Time Soon unless Police Sober up to Professionalism

Pressurized: Gen. Kale Kayihura

KAMPALA, Uganda: Countries in Africa are popular for poor coordination concerning crime investigations. Uganda in particular isn’t good at such cases. Often when a murder that attracted the attention of the media struck, the police would suffer intensive pressure to produce results. The outcome of this is, if not always, most times police reports that aren’t satisfying.

As it has been noted several times, the fallen AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s murder was done in a way similar to many that had happened before. It is definitely not a coincidence that the murders were the same as those that had been terrorizing Kampala! What this fact exposes is the untidy police work! While these murderers loitered Kampala like gazelles, the police kept pinning the blame on the very people that had been the victims.

Two weeks back, the target being different and of higher rank, a lot of attention was captured by these assailants. Not until Kaweesi’s murder, cases like his weren’t so fruitful. Seeing as the pressure had doubled, the police has been ranting about with random names tagged as suspects. Many of these were ordinary people! The basis on which these names were flagged red was that they were on tenterhooks with the fallen senior Cop.

Notably, we shouldn’t forget the number of people that the deceased had angered. That shouldn’t be justification or motive for the murder. One suspect (lack of prior communication denies me the right to mention their names) had been truly wronged. While still living in Uganda, her husband was gruesomely murdered causing grave devastation to the family. For the record, the murder had been premeditated! With the advice of the President, she moved to the UK to wait for the investigation results.

She wrote several letters concerning the crime and her case to the IGP’s office. However, the then AIGP hoarded the letters hence denying her justice. After the death of the AIGP, he case resumed just the following day. Several other people were denied justice by the former police deputy boss in a similar way – denying victims access to higher offices concerned.

However, the way in which the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura has handled the case isn’t so pleasing either! Within the letters that the lady sent, are the names of all the officers that were involved in this matter, including those that aided her. The IGP ordered arrests to be made for all the names mentioned, as well as the aides. Whatever the reason is for this, God knows best! Notably, not many were so happy with these arrests. It seemed more like he went after the wrong people. Once again, back to square one!

The other ‘suspect’ is a ‘city scribe’ that came to light after cracking several murder cases in the news. He was also suspected on grounds of having fallen out with the former AIGP. Also, he is a friend with the lady whose husband was murdered. All the more reason for poorly informed conclusions. An article in a local newspaper, Red Pepper, centered on the fact that the city journalist ‘knew who killed the AIGP.’

While the fallen AIGP was still in command of the police force, Investigations of cases like his ended in similar ways. Incriminating the wrong people and the true murders would roam free of justice. When the Muslim clerics were assassinated, the police reports insinuated that these murders were committed by Muslims. The police is always very reluctant about solving these crimes!

Always, they made up aggressors so that the public would stop bogging them for answers. Similarly, they came up with twelve names of people that were known for having come up against the way Kaweesi had performed his duties.

That aside, the Uganda police force was unprofessionally groomed. They can’t withstand pressure and can’t produce satisfactory results. The recent murder will therefore remain a mystery and more are to come. Heck, murders in the country have already started spiking! And still the police has no answers.

The lack of results on the AIGP murder case is going to be a boost for common armed crime. Therefore, without a deserving change in the police force, Ugandans should brace themselves for a very insecure environment.

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