Crime News: Gen. Kale Kayihura Tasked to Prove SSP Nickson Agasiirwe is Attested Police Officer

Tasked to prove: Gen. Kayihura and Nickson Agasiirwe (L)

KAMPALA, Uganda: A city Law Firm has penned the Uganda’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura a letter demanding for instant release of his blue-eyed boy, SSP Nickson Agasiirwe’s training credentials as an attested police officer, the Investigator exclusively reports.

The DeMott Law Advocates and Solicitors’ letter headed; “AGASIRWE NICKSON KARUHANGA – REQUEST FOR RECORD UNDER ACCESS TO INFORMATION REGULATIONS N0 17 OF 2011,” contends that the person in question (Nickson) is a public officer and the information required about him is not of threat to national security. Below is the letter in full.

Our Ref: DL/MN/GEN/191/17                                                                                22nd May 2017

The Inspector General of Police,

Uganda Police Force.                                                                                                                                 Attn: Director of Human Resource.

Dear Sir,


The above subject refers.

It is not in doubt that the above officer’s entry and service in the Uganda Police has been shrouded with a lot of ambiguity from the time of his alleged entry into the Police force up to date.

It is Our Civic and Constitutional duty to ensure that the National Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy are observed and maintained and in this regard specifically Objective no XXIX. Owing to the fact that all the Constitution is the Supreme Law of Uganda and the basis of which all other laws of Uganda derive bearing, it is thus our duty to ensure the same under Article 3 of the Constitution.

It is within your mandate to provide the requested information under the Access to Information Regulations No 17 of 2011 and that the person in question is a Public Officer and the information we require is not a threat to National Security at all and does not fit in any of the disqualifications under the law.

NOW THEREFORE, this is to request that you with the most reasonably urgent dispatch forward the following Information or any other document relating to the same either in Photostat copy or via electronic mail to our Kampala address herein.

  1. The Year of His Intake in the Police
  2. The News Paper Advert of the above intake.
  3. The Academic Qualifications he had at the time of the alleged intake and the institutions he attained the same from.
  4. The Police Training school attended at the time of intake.
  5. The Year of his pass out and the rank attained at that stage.
  6. His police number at the time his pass out.
  7. Resolutions, recommendations and minutes by the Police Council and Police Authority promoting him and others of his rank(s) for promotion from the time of his pass out from a police training school to date.
  8. A copy of the resolutions and minutes by the Police Authority recommending him for appointment and promotion while above the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP).
  9. A copy of the Presidential Assent to the above said recommendation for appointment and promotion by the Police Authority.

Please find enclosed herein the legally prescribed non-refundable Access fee of one currency Point.

Anticipating your exigent response.

Yours Faithfully,

DeMott Law Advocates and Solicitors.

Cc. Police Professional Standards Unit (PSU)

Lead Counsel: Mark Nowamaani

Led by Mark Nowamaani, the counsels’ letter comes at the heels of murmurs from senior police officers claiming that Agasiirwe is not an attested police officer. The officer is rumored never to have attained a single training course to become an attested police officer.

Speaking to the Investigator on Thursday last week, Police Spokesman AIGP Asan Kasingye educated that the process through which one paves their way to becoming a police officer is well lined up in the Force’s Standing Orders and other relevant legal documents.

“To start with, there must be a general recruitment that has been well announced in newspapers, noticeboards and gazette through which, one applies. Vetting takes place, oral and written interviews are given and the successful are sent to a police committee after which, they are sent to the Police Training School in Kabalye,” explained Kasingye.

Those complaining about Nickson, also the dreaded commandant of the defunct Special Squad Unit (SSU) and Special Operations Unit (SOU) among others, insist that they don’t remember him going through formal steps of becoming a certified police officer, since he joined the force as a Special Police Constable (SPC).

Speaking about Constables’ status, Kasingye said these are civilians normally recruited for special activities especially during a period when the Police is on leave of recruitment and a need arises. He says a training is compulsory save for special categories like Pilots, Electricians, IT experts and the kind.

Directly asked about Nickson’s recruitment status as well as his rising in ranks to become a Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Kasingye said he was not equipped with the information but promised to request for the same from the Human Resource Directorate. “That is public information I can get from the HRD. I will get back to you after that,” he said. By the time we filed this report tonight, he was yet to do well on his promise.

The lead Counsel, Mark Nowamaani confirmed the development adding; “Should the General. Fail to provide us that information, we shall seek redress from Court. We are not saying his officer is not a police officer. Our instructions are simply to ascertain,” he said, restraining from releasing their client’s particulars for now.

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