Foiled Murder: Shock as Mengo Chief Magistrate Survives Assassination at Her Home by a Whisker

Babirye (inset) and her home from where she survived

KASANGATI, Uganda: Residents of Masooli, Nangabo Sub-county, Wakiso District in the Kampala city neighborhoods last night woke up to a lengthy bullets’ sound that covered their area and the same, Investigator has established, were showered in a foil of a would-be another nasty city murder.

Our mid-morning visit in the area established that the survivor of the foiled assassination is Mengo Chief Magistrate, Mary Babirye. One suspect, Gabriel Wilbonye, 20 has so far been arrested and currently detained at Kasangati Police Post.

According to neighbors and family members, Wilibonye and a group of others still at large descended on the Magistrate’s home at about midnight and successfully accessed the interior, via jumping over the wall, beating the stiff resistance from the dogs in the compound.

It is believed that Wilibonye had compromised the dogs (he must have visited the home severally before the attack, hence them adding him to known family members scent) in the last two weeks he has been ‘employed’ as a night watchman at a neighbor’s garden. Private investigators who since picked interest have gathered that Wilibonye must have been planted to do surveillance on the Magistrate’s home and he’s believed to have done a good job.

Even with the dogs barking, he managed to locate the target’s bedroom hind door. Babirye told detectives that she was awakened by the dogs and kept peeping in the windows and the rear door of her bedroom. “I tried to find my phone to call security in vain. I could not find it. As I peeked through the window, I saw the man standing right outside. I got so scared.”

Giabriel Wilibonye and the blood stained wall through where he escaped (Photos by Stanley Ndawula)

Around this time, bullets started flying nonstop. The one day old policeman at the home had finally positioned himself for the attack. “I shot at them but one managed to jump over the gate unarmed. Another (Wilibonye) was injured in the arm but managed to escape through the garden.” He however was not to run for long. In the morning, he was tracked with the help of his blood to his small house.

Investigators gathered that on April 24th 2017, about five men travelling in an Ipsum car registration number UAR 258W,  came to the village, asking a neighbor about Babirye’s details, from how many people she lives with to what time she normally leaves and returns home. This gives credence to fears that Wilibonye was planted in the area to surveil on their target.

After the incidence, the Magistrate reported the matter to police and to the judiciary both of whom, promised security. Police did deploy on time, giving her one guard from the Counter Terrorism Directorate. However, he had taken his leave yesterday and was replaced by another who, encountered the nasty situation on the first day, spending 28 bullets to save his Principle.

Security heard that Wilibonye and another one believed to have been armed, were an advance party of others who were still outside and wanted to access the interior with ease, only to be visited by the shock of the armed guard’s quick response.

“They are the ones with the guns. I just helped to surveil for them,” Wilibonye reportedly offered. Had they succeeded, Babirye’s [foiled] murder would be added to those in the recent past, including her senior colleague Joan Kagezi and AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s among others.

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  • Raymond K Ahemigisha

    Humans, we are the best of all primates, to learn from experience, and pre-observed scenarios.
    I always wonder, why this God given gift of learning is seemingly weakening, fading and blushing away from security forces in particular, an atmosphere where it is expected to be implemented to the highest degree.

    Before we get absorbed in regional integration discussions, our Security Forces should first be waken up!