Handwriting Expert Tables Evidence How Makerere Varsity Senior Legal Advisor Used another Student’s Admission Form to Land Gov’t Sponsorship

Goddy Humumuza
Goddy Humumuza

Journalism is a tough job. When this website run the story above on May 15 this year, several people contacted our senior editors doubting the authenticity of what we had written. The story run under the headline: “Shock as Senior Makerere Varsity Senior Legal Advisor is Accused of Using another Student’s Admission Form to Land Govt Sponsorship.”

According to that story, Goddy reportedly used admission forms belonging to one Joab Kambwenu Yebazibwe to land admission to the former National College of Business studies (NCBS) Nakawa now Makerere University Business School in 1988 where he studied and obtained a diploma in UDBS that he later used to access the law school of Makerere University going on to obtain the relevant degree.

After receiving several complaints from several people, my senior editors contacted me and tasked me to substantiate what I had reported complete with documentary evidence. In particular, my editors tasked me to produce the charge sheet containing the charges of impersonation against Goddy which I had written about to which request I duly obliged.

But my senior editors were not done. They again asked me to provide other pieces of evidence to prove that the charges I had written about had indeed been substantiated by the concerned authorities.

I immediately embarked on looking for what my superiors had asked for and in the course of it obtained a handwriting expert report in respect of the matter at hand. Samuel Ezati, a senior forensic examiner of questioned documents is the one who authored the report. Dated December 18, 2008, the report is referenced G.E.F 947/08.

The laboratory report which we are going to duly reproduce here explains in detail how Goddy was able to use Kambwenu’s admission form as his. It reads, “The original name (read on the admission form for Kambwenu) was obliterated with whiteout and the current name (read that of Goddy Muhanguzi Muhumuza) substituted instead. Print out marked FINDING I illustrates the point that the current names (read of Goddy Muhanguzi Muhumuza) were subsequently written.”

The other pertinent observation goes, “the other whitewashed area on the questioned admission form conceals the names of Yebazibwe Kambwenu Joab. This is clear evidence of alteration.”

Much as Goddy ended up charged in court basing on the above expert evidence and other pieces of evidence, his case did not go any far. It ended in a suspicious manner without the courts of law hearing it to its logical conclusion.

Goddy had indeed since then gone on to land the job of the senior legal advisor of the country’s prestigious Makerere University. How he has managed to skirt the long arm of the law for this long is a question that can only be answered by the people in the judiciary and himself.

We are not saying that Goddy is guilty or not, but only wondering why on earth he cannot be subjected to the due process for the whole truth to come out.

And as if that is not enough, we have information that the man is in the race to become the director of legal affairs at Makerere University even before he can clear the fog surrounding his suitability for such a big job emanating from this outstanding criminal charges.

Watch this space.

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