MP Anna Adeke Warns Community Development Officers Over Youth Livelihood Project Funds

Hon Anna Adeke and Kitatta who says there has to be change in the government law if the youth are to benefit
Hon Anna Adeke and Kitatta who says there has to be change in the government law if the youth are to benefit

Masaka– The Youth Member of Parliament Hon Anna Adeke has vowed to be bitter onto the CDO’s and Sub County Chiefs who have made it a routine to always interfere with the (Youth Livelihood Project) YLP through chewing the youth cash.

The FDC member and former Makerere University Guild President had made a surprising visit over the weekend in the Greater Masaka region where she met all the youth representatives in the respective eight districts of Masaka, Lweno, Rakai, Ssembabule and Kalungu among others.

According to several reports from the region, the youth had several problems which needed the legislator’s attention.

In the meeting which was held at DATIC offices in Rakai district, most leaders attributed the poor YLP funds recovery to the corrupt CDO’s and Sub County Chiefs.

These Sub County leaders were said to be key in intimidating different youth groups as they promise to deny the hesitant groups a chance to receive money being one of the successful groups.

It is said that the leaders have continuously asked various youth groups for money right from the initial stages of filling the forms since most youth living in villages have a problem of illiteracy.

Joseph Kakooza, a youth councilor said the government emloyees should only help the beneficiaries in accessing the money but not also turning into parasites hence beneficiaries of the project.

Ibrahim Kitatta the secretary for the Youth forum and also the Youth Chairperson of Lwengo district however urged the youth to be very careful whenever they receive the YLP funds not to invest the money into non-productive ventures.

The youth listening to their leaders in a recent meeting in Rakai
The youth listening to their leaders in a recent meeting in Rakai

He said some youth have always had useless pending expenditures such as marrying and taking girlfriends out on beach parties. The expenditures have always met the YLP funds since

Kitatta also blamed the government for failing to meet its promises thereby disappointing many Ugandans especially the youth. He said this has totally made Ugandans meet unexpected losses.

“Government had previously promised to offer approximately 2bn shillings in every district in the country but none of the districts has even got 30% of the promised funds”, he said.

The Youth also complained about the government policy under the YLP of distributing funds to 10 and above people in number. They said different people have different abilities in investment which becomes so difficult for the beneficiaries to become at an agreement.

Prossy Nabwowe the female Councilor of Rakai district, proposed that the number should be reduced to at least three bebeficiaries so that the few ones can easily agree on an investment that really suits their acquired money.

She added that some youth due to the large number, disagreements tend to accumulate in their group and in the long run only a few will be the beneficiaries.

Honourable Adeke promised to request for a review of the YLP guidelines in the Parliament so that all youth become beneficiaries as targeted by the government.

Adeke later urged the youth to collect enough evidence concerning the government employees who deduct their money in terms of intimidation and bribing them.

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