‘Museveni is Absentminded’, Says Former Supreme Court Judge Professor Kanyeihamba at Cavendish University lecture

Professor George William Kanyeihamba
Professor George William Kanyeihamba

In a one-on-one with the investigator news, Professor George William Kanyeihamba told this website that President Museveni is very forgetful. If not, then he is just an arrogant ruler.

“Museveni is forgetful. He should not have tampered with the constitution, an instrument he received himself and appreciated during the Constituent Assembly (CA).” Kanyeihamba said.

“While receiving the 1995 constitution, President Museveni, who was guest of honor, said, he will go back to the bush for the second time if any organization, any person or group tampered with the constitution.”

“I am shocked the same Museveni forgets his statements of protecting the legal instrument and he himself tampers with the same (constitution) he vowed to fight for.”

Prof Kanyeihamba himself was once a stalwart of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

As Chairperson of the Legal Drafting Committee, he was instrumental in the crafting of the Uganda Constitution by the Constituency Assembly in 1995.

He says President Museveni has grossly abused the constitution by tampering with it in many ways than one.

Reflecting on the country’s constitutional decree at the Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) civic lecture, Former Supreme Court Judge Professor George William Kanyeihamba tells of how President Museveni has severely disappointed him and the ruling NRM Party.

Justice Kanyeihamba was addressing the Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) students of Law at the Law faculty premised at Kamwokya.

The public lecture was drafted under the theme, ‘Reflections on Uganda’s constitutional history, constitutionalism today and projections for the future.’

According to the professor, Museveni’s continued rule and stay in power by removing term limits does not reflect on the constitution when it was first made in 1995.

The Former Uganda Supreme Court Judge (Prof. Kanyeihamba) once broke down and cried as he lambasted the state of political affairs in Uganda.

Kanyeihamba also scorns the country’s current judicial system, which he questions and says the judges and lawyers no longer exercise independency.

He says is in a paralysis and indebted to the ruling party and its long-reigning leader, Museveni.

Apparently the former judge fell out of favor with the establishment and has since lost his positions locally and at the African Court of Justice.

Prof Kanyeihamba has since aligned himself with activists, often crossing swords with the party he once served diligently.

During the Cavendish law faculty public lecture, the lawyer said he is not timid and not ashamed battling the NRM and its leader.

Over the years, Kanyeihamba has taken on Museveni on many legal and judicial issues aiming at stopping the ruling party and its government from violating the Constitution.

Kanyeihamba cited that with the NRM in power, parliament ceases to have sovereignty over making and unmaking the constitution.

“When we first made the constitution in 1994 the first article provided that power belongs to people and the people shall exercise that power through voting their representative to the house as Members of parialament.These have power to make and unmake the constitution. However, all the years the NRM executive took over that supreme power of making law under the NRM organs.”

Resolutions are initiated in NRM, and then discussed by the NRM caucus secretly. When they (NRM) finish as they please, the Parliament just passes these resolutions sometimes even with bribes to soften them on these resolutions.

“Parliament is simply a formality. The executive powers supersede the powers of the Legislature and judiciary.”

Kanyeihamba noted that the constitution today, its implementations and enforcement is not in the proper manner it was drafted and fashioned. It ceases to be a people’s constitution because they (Masses) are not consulted. The constitution has been tampered with.

The future

Prof. Kanyeihamba says Uganda will never be the same again after the February 2016 general elections.

“The results have been heavily contested by both local and international observers citing rigging of the votes by the president Museveni.” The elderly and respected lawyer says.

He talks about the government’s wish to remove the age limits for the presidents in as a Constitutional amendment before the coming general elections as unfortunate.

“This will be most unfortunate and certainly against the will of the constitution.”

On corrupt lawyers and judges, Kanyeihamba says, “Corruption will survive and thrive anywhere unless those involved are disciplined. If you have a government that is corrupt then they will be happy or do nothing. Birds of the same feathers flock together.” He notes.

“By nature of sins committed in judiciary lately, many judges and lawyers should have been dismissed or suspended. Nonetheless nothing is being done” He added.

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  • Ebagambeko

    Prof. G.W. Kanyeihamba – this lecture was spot on! The Kyankwanzi retreat to remove Presidential age limits is due in the near future! Is H.E. Museveni any different from H.E. Obote and H.E. Amin?
    The “defilement” of our constitution is so retrogressive. I’ts not not “raping” because the checks of Presidential term and age limits have not and will never work as long as NRM and H.E. President Museveni remain in Power!