Why is Corruption still an Eye sore in Most Government Departments?

Why is Corruption still an eye sore in most Government Departments
Why is Corruption still an eye sore in most Government Departments

Kampala- Uganda; Bribing someone to obtain a certain service and also harrassing one so that he or she forcefully pays for a certain service is a common habbit in most of the government departments in Uganda.

Several cries have been heard from employees seeking for job opportunities and also clients seeking for services in many government offices. The corruption is however attributed to hard hearted bosses who mind less about the citizens but instead their stomachs.

The health department has received various criticisms from the public on the way they handle patients especially when they request for bribes from the poor people despite their poor health conditions.

Rakai and Lyantonde hospitals are on record for having registered deaths of patients under the negligence of doctors who asked for bribes before carrying out the sergical operations on the patients.

The Standard of Living in many Ugandan families is so low to meet the expected expenses in hospitals. They however opt for government owned health facilities which have also not met their expectations.

According to some health workers in different health facilities, such cases come as a result of personal issues which are also attributed to the way the health workers are treated in other departments.

Other institutions such as banks, schools and various offices in the country have also contributed so much to the way corruption trends in the country.

Recruitments of pupils and students in several schools has been attributed to corruption and many individuals have failed to attain vaccancies after declining to pay some bribes.

The health workers struggle so much to acquire the jobs in the various hospitals and this is all about the human resource department which is always selective in recruiting the employees.

If one pays a certain amount to acquire a job, he or she will like to recover it through taking bribes from the clients one attends to. This situation has lived in many Ugandans’ minds and they trully believe that one can hardly earn a job on merit.

Some health workers report to work with several disturbances just like any employee of any organisation.

If a nurse’s son failed to acquire a job in a certain organisation due to failure to raise a certain bribe, she will instead be rough to the patients whom she also has control.

Corruption has seen employers recruiting employees whose academic qualifications are low compared to the ones denied the oppportunity to work.

Some corrupt officials have been seen doing it due to the lack of proffessionalism as they favour relatives when it comes to recruitment or offering services to clients.

Corruption in most companies and organisations is therefore a result of poor service delivery in other companies. It is therefore up to all organisatons to revise their ways before pinning some departments such as health.

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