Kooki-Mengo Row deepens as the Former Disowns Masaza Cup Tournament Representation

Kooki Spokesman Stanley Ndawula

KOOKI, Rakai, Uganda: The bad blood brewing between the two cultural institutions seem to have taken form and suggestively far from over, at least to go with the latest skirmishes.

In a bitter new twist of events, a senior Kooki official has come out to deny and disown Kooki representation in the ongoing Buganda Kingdom Masaza cup tournament.

The Information Minister and Official Spokesperson of ObwaKamuswaga Stanely Ndawula revealed they had no hand and did not bless the current Kooki team participating in the Masaza Cup competitions.

In a press conference held at Brovad Hotel in Masaka on Sunday, Ndawula said a well stipulated letter was officially written to the Buganda administration informing them about Kooki’s withdrawal from any type of representation at Mengo.

“I have been directed by the Katuukiro and cabinet of Obwakamuswaga to reiterate that on 25th of September 2014, His Royal Highness the Kamuswaga ordered the withdrawal of any Kooki representation at Mengo  until after some issues were rectified,” Ndawula announced.

He said the Kamuswaga had offered Mengo 90 days to rectify the issues which period expired without any action and hence, setting in motion his directive on Kooki representation. Masaza Cup is among the representations stopped. Whoever is participating is not representing Kooki as an Institution.”

In the ongoing tournament, Kooki has been known to have participated, a fact Ndawula has since dismissed. “We can’t stop people from playing football because it’s a social activity but whoever is playing is doing it for fun, with no official representation.”

Ndawula also hinted on dragging Mengo administration to court over the wrongful appointments of their (Mengo) representatives in Kooki. This is probably because the two people sponsoring the reported Kooki team claim Mengo representation.

He said that a one Ms. Gertrude Ssebugwawo has always been introduced and introducing self as the Kooki representative on many Buganda functions. He cited out the last event of Masaza Cup opening which was held in Masaka recreation ground recently.

Ndawula said the team participating in the Buganda competitions ought to seek another name and not branding themselves Kooki. He further said that in future, the home ground of the said team should also be shifted.

“We are not denying people their right to play but they are not respectful to their master. We had issues to settle out with our former comrades before anything proceeded. Mengo failed on their side,” he said.

Ndawula said the Buganda leaders very well know that Kooki is an independent institution which should never be interfered by another institution without mutual approval.

Various Buganda activities have been dormant since 2014 including the famous Nkobazambogo activities. These issues have brought divisions among the Kooki people and the Baganda living in the same territory.

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