Pres Museveni Applauds the Public for Criticizing Crime Infiltrated Police, Hints at Fake Suspects

Tough times: Police boss Gen. Kale Kayihura (L) has failed to impress his Master President Museveni on Crime fighting

KAMPALA, Uganda: Delivering the State of the Nation Address this afternoon to the August House members at Serena, the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni tabled five priorities for the prosperity of Country Uganda with Peace at the forefront. Others were development of the infrastructure and the human resource, wealth creation, jobs creation and market access.

“Peace means absence of war but it must also include absence of lawlessness…, as you saw recently, there has been a spike of lawlessness in the country involving the murder of AIGP Kaweesi, Sheikhs, Major Kiggundu, Joan Kagezi, Chairman Okware in Namayingo, Rwamutwe in Bushenyi, the town clerk of Gulu [and] the Eritrean businessman,”

Museveni also observed the numerous break-ins in homes and the wrong elements throwing leaflets threatening violence. “When I went to the home of the late Kaweesi, I told you of the gaps that were still in our law and order architecture.  These gaps were unattended to until recently, not because they were not known, but because of lack of funding on account of competing demands.”

At Kaweesi’s vigil on Sunday March 19th 2o17, Museveni blamed ‘crime infiltration in police’ as the main reason for the lawlessness in the country. Following his speech, we at the Investigator elected to fight the same by exposure and hence, the CIP Records’ series. (Read…CIP Records P.I: Facts Why Gen. Kale Cannot Clean Police of the Trash he Himself Littered the Force with)

Museveni further lamented gaps in the police technical teams, “Here, I am talking of the technical means for the Police Force and the counter-terrorism capacity of the country… these gaps put a lot of burden on the CID to discover the one that committed the crime depending on eye-witnesses and other clues,” he said, referring to the absence of cameras on High Ways and city streets.

President Museveni (R) addressing Parliament this afternoon at Serena

Using the limited means available to the Police, in the form of Police dogs to detect explosives, scanners, metal detectors, Museveni suggests, “the Police backed by the UPDF, when there is good planning, can guarantee security against any lawless or terrorist actions. He however applauded security for beefing up the police to man Namugongo Martyrs day celebrations successfully.

“Nevertheless, the Police and the intelligence services have been rightly criticized by the public for being lax in handling information given to them by the public, sometimes leaking this information, corruption in the form of extorting money from the public, high-handedness in dealing with the public and protecting criminals or allowing criminals to infiltrate the Police.  The Police leadership must, therefore, carefully listen to the public and clean up the rotten elements.”

On high-handedness again, Museveni argued Cops to handle people with human face. “The other day, I was in Kaleerwe and the youth there were complaining of the Police arresting them for being ‘idle and disorderly.’  This must stop completely.  Some of the youth are idle because they do not have jobs.  Why arrest them for that?  The revolutionary should be like ‘fish in water.’ A revolutionary should never be ‘fish in no water.”

He continued; “You should never talk harshly to the people. Always maintain a harmonious relationship with the people. I started relating with the youth in Kampala in 1968, in Katwe.  The NRM cadres in Kampala have not properly followed the earlier work of Fronasa in Kampala. Our first NRA Commander, Ahmed Sseguya, was from Katwe.  I had trained him in Mozambique in 1971-72.”

He reassured the public on police reforms. “Otherwise, I can inform the public that, ever since 1980, when we started recruiting educated people into that force, the Police has got a very large number of capable cadres.  Those who taint their hand with hobnobbing with criminals will only let themselves down. The Police Force will continue to grow stronger as it was planned to do by the NRM ever since 1986.   The Police do not have to wait for the crime to be committed. Through good intelligence, most crimes can be prevented.”

Giving credence to our reports of fake suspects arrested during the Kaweesi murder investigations, Museveni insinuated to the same. “Most of the suspects arrested after the murder of Kaweesi and others, even if they were not involved in the killing of Kaweesi, they had committed other capital offences, many of which carry death sentences or life imprisonment. Why, then, were they still in circulation?  That means somebody was not doing his or her work.”

The president said attempts by the criminals to cause rural scare by throwing leaflets, stealing vanilla from the gardens, occasional murders and rape, is easier to deal with because the villages are not as congested as the towns.

On torture, he said education is better than rushing to arrest the culprits. “The issue of alleged torture by the Police, was addressed by myself in the usual NRM/NRA way. We always combine educational methods (sensitization) and administrative methods (punishments, demotions, etc.). When these reports came up, I carried out analysis of torture and how it, actually, impedes successful investigations,” he said.

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