Registrar Pins MAK’s Legal Advisor Muhumuza for Using White-washed Admission Form to Study at Mubs

Forged papers? Goddy Muhumuza

KAMPALA, Uganda: This investigative website has for several days now been digging up data regarding this scandal. At the center of the saga is Goddy Muhanguzi Muhumuza. For starters, Goddy works for Makerere University as the senior legal advisor. He is in the race too to become the paramount legal officer of this university.

But on the other hand, there is an unresolved case regarding how Goddy was admitted to the former National College of Business Studies (NCBS) now Makerere University business school  (Mubs) from where he obtained a diploma in UDBS which he used to upgrade to an LLB degree at Makerere University.

It is crucial to point out at this point in time that one Joab Kambwenu Yebazibwe has since come forward and stated how Goddy actually used his (Kambwenu’s) admission form to gain admittance to UCBS. Kambwenu was a contemporary of Goddy at Ntare School.  He is now a UPDF officer at the rank of a major.

“I abandoned my admission to UCBS when I was admitted to Makerere. Goddy then altered my abandoned admission form and used it as his for purposes of studying for the diploma course,” Kambwenu has since told detectives working on this case.

This website has published Kambwenu’s such narration already. We are now looking at another by the academic registrar of Mubs. The academic registrar is Anne Begumisa.  She resides at Namugongo, Kira municipality in Wakiso district.

Begumisa came to handle this matter after police detectives wrote requesting her to avail records of how Goddy was admitted to UCBS in 1988. According to Begumisa, police wrote two letters one on August 6th and another on September 15th 2008. The letters bore the names of V.B Tumuhimbise writing on behalf of the Assistant Inspector General of Police/CID.

The Police sought to be availed with the O’ Level and A’ Level certificates of Goddy to compare them with the names that were appearing on his admission and registration forms in respect of UCBS. As well as the list of students admitted to the college for the Uganda Diploma in business studies program for the year of 1988.

Begumisa proceeded to carry out the police instructions. She started by retrieving the student file in the names of Muhumuza Yebazibwe whose reference is DB/NAW/001/90. The admission letter is dated December 2, 1987.

Responding on October 16, 2008, Begumisa said the student admitted relevant to this case was Yebazibwe Muhumuza K.  She later wrote a statement indicating that both the O-Level and A-Level certificates submitted by Goddy bear the names of Goddy Muhanguzi Muhumuza not that of Yebazibwe Muhumuza K.

“On the admission form, the names were white-washed. The names (on the admission form) when held out from the light are Yebazibwe Kambwenu Joab. But when you hold the admission form, you read Yebazibwe Muhumuza Goddy,” she offered.

To jog your mind back, Yebazibwe Kambwenu Joab is the UPDF major who have since come forward and accused Goddy of using his admission form to gain entry to UCBS. Kambwenu had abandoned his admission at the college after being admitted at Makerere University.

Since one is admitted to the higher institution of learning basing on names appearing on his or her O-Level and A-level certificates going by Begumisa’s elucidation, and given that Goddy had failed to qualify for admission to the UDBS program, it would lend credence to the claim by Kambwenu that actually Goddy could have altered his admission form by superimposing the names Yebazibwe Muhumuza Goddy, as Begumisa avers, in order for him (Goddy) to qualify for the program.

Much as Begumisa has since told her story to the courts of law not to mention Kambwenu’s, there has not been meaningful headway regarding the prosecution of this case. And above all, Goddy continues to walk free besides holding the position of the senior legal advisor to the country’s biggest Makerere University!

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  • were sam

    Police and IGG should have opened a GEF on the suspect long-time to establish facts surrounding such. The MUK VC should suspend such people until they come clean of their academic credentials before being employed at the pedestal of academia in the region under suspicious papers. Pse investigator as well dig through and get to bottom of this nosense.