Major Kiggundu Murder: Tenterhooks as New ‘Killers’ are Named, Whistleblower’s Life in Utter Danger

The writer (Stanley Ndawula) in an interview with Jane Nyinarukundo

KAMPALA, Uganda: “We are still struggling to get evidence pinning the suspects already in prison, and here you come with your new stories…” This is what the supposedly irritated Flying Squad officer, a one Hillary reportedly told Jane Nyinarukundo who emerged with a list of people she insists, killed the soldier.      

That Police has on several occasions hurriedly arrested and presented fake suspects to media and courts of law, is an old story in these pages. This time round though, it could be a hurdle for them…, if to go with Nyinarukundo’s new version where, she insists that she was a fly on the wall at the meeting which planned and executed Maj. Mohammad Kiggundu’s callous murder.

On top of the new suspects’ list is her longtime husband and father to her two children of 14 and 18 years old, John Zimula, a former CMI support staff, and Captain Meddie Musiitwa alongside two police officers at Nabweru Police station. Nyinarukundo first came public about the new development last week through a local newspaper.

As usual, some of the police officials who felt they had already arrested and aligned suspects before court, labeled Nyinarukundo a mad person being used by someone. But her new suspects were also arrested after she met and narrated her story to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura in Nansana on 30th July 2017.

Hitherto the husband to the head of Traditional Healers of Uganda Sofia Namutebi aka Maama Fiina, Maj. Kiggundu was murdered along with his bodyguard Sgt. Steven Mukasa on the early morning of November 26th 2016 at Masanafu in Rubaga Division. Four suspects have since been arrested, prosecuted and remanded, pending Court hearing starting Tuesday next week.

Sheik Yahaya Ramathan Mwanje, 50, Muhamad Buyondo, 43, Musa Ssekandi and Abdul Wahabu Ssendegeya are set to appear for trial next week over Kiggundu and his bodyguard’s murder. “Hearing starts next week on Tuesday but prosecution is yet to produce their evidence,” Friday Roberts Kagoro of Muwema & Co. Advocates said last night.

Speaking to the Investigator yesterday, Nyinarukundo said her husband, with whom they had separated until August 2016, had turned into a ‘professional’ armed robber with Hajj Musiitwa as his boss. Even before Kiggundu murder, she had decided to stop him from the vice and reported the matter to Nabweru Police, a step that instead turned guns against her.

“The very police officers I would report to would bounce back the information to the suspects. It was not long when the two (Zimula and Musiitwa) planted bullets in my handbag. Police came and searched my bag before they dragged me to cells for two weeks,” She cried, insinuating a well-designed corroboration between police and the thugs.

Nyinarukundo further revealed how she had labored to record Zimula and Musiitwa’s fatal plans, only her phone bearing the evidence to be confiscated at Kawempe police. After narrating to Gen. Kayihura about her situation, the police boss ordered for action and directed for her security but the latter is yet to be acted upon.

“My life is in danger. I receive several threatening calls every day. They have promised to kill me and burn my family members to ashes. I beg for security from whoever can provide it because I am suffering for trying to help the public and police.” She says police are not willing to give her protection because they sympathize with the ‘killers’.

“When the IGP ordered for their arrest, I asked Hillary to conduct a search at home and recover the guns but he refused. It was not until I went public that they went and searched, only to recover ammunition,” she said. Efforts to secure a police comment were futile as the spokesman, AIGP Asan Kasingye did not respond to our repeated calls.

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  • were sam

    This is another disgusting story of UPF, as if in PTS there is a course unit for falsifying and transfer of correct evidence to informants and innocent member of unsuspecting public. Can this curriculum be reviewed to help the citizenry for God’s sake. I wonder why you even stand and salute when the national anthem is sung on public occasions yet many of you are practising atheists.

  • Patrick amiri

    Wow! This is off the chain revelation, the entire system is infested with rot. Who do we run to for recourse if security agencies tasked to protect us are engaged in law breaking
    We are in deep trouble.

  • Yekoz

    Wonderful! Guys just fooling around

  • UGA

    this is way too interesting, to say, i love the investigator-you are the best