Man Impersonating as AIGP Kaweesi’s brother Arrested 

RIEP: Fallen Andrew Felix Kaweesi
RIEP: Fallen Andrew Felix Kaweesi

MASAKA. Police in Masaka have arrested a man who has been impersonating as a brother to the fallen AIGP. Andrew Felexi Kaweesi to dupe business owners in Masaka town.

Mubaraka  Munyagwa muchunguzi aged, 29, who is a resident of Kayirikiti in Masaka Municipality, has been widely known  in the town and many people believed his assertions.

According to the Southern Regional Police Spokesperson,’’ Mr Lameck Kigozi’’, who sometimes  called himself the Deputy Regional Police Commander and used both aliases to intimated and acquire money from people.

Kigozi said, “This man has been marauding around and so many people have believed in him to be a relative to the late AIGP  kaweesi,” he added on saying that many people had fallen victims of his tricks not until he landed into a police trap yesterday.

One of the victims as the suspect Robert kimuli, manager at club Klein in Nyendo Masaka district, is had threatened to close his club saying it was not meeting the required security standards.

“kimuli in his statement  said, Kayongo Mubarak the deputy RPC  intimidated to close his club if that it didn’t meet security regulations, Kimuli added that Munyagwa asked him to give him 100,000 shs so that he does not close the club.

Kimuli said, “After giving him the money using mobile money but I was surprised after a week the guy wanted me to send the same amount   and was not giving any receipt to the paid money,”

After being suspicious, the manger tried to find out who this ‘Deputy RPC’ was, and called the officer in charge of Nyendo police station, Boniface Wanyama.

Lameck said that by the fact that the deputy RPC’s first name is Hamuza not Mubarak, then Wanyama sensed deception and so they laid a trap and arrested him.

He further noted that the suspect was interrogated on the crimes and asked whether he was a relative to kaweesi. “At first (during interrogation) he said that kaweesi was not his brother instead he was his uncle but later accepted that he has been deceiving and he asked for forgiveness.”

He had acquired Shs 415,000 from kimuli, By the time he was arrested and police believes that this was not the first time he had done this.

Police has charged him with two charges including impersonation and acquiring money by false pretense and his file has been handled over to directorate of public prosecution.

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