NRM Party in Bitter Mood as Candidates Clash in Public Campaign opener

Racheal Nakitende pleading for votes in Kabira
Racheal Nakitende pleading for votes in Kabira

Kyotera: On the 15th of August 2017, NRM candidates in Kyotera had to commence their open Public campaigns in the different Sub Counties of Kyotera district, one of the new districts that are slated to vote on the 21st of August 2017.

After a loud cry from the public, the Electoral Commission postponed the voting date from 29th August to 21st September 2017. In the same way, the NRM party managed to postpone its initial voting date of 08th August to 21st August 2017.

However on Tuesday, revealers managed to witness drama at Kabira Sub County headquarters as the aspiring candidates exchanged swords despite being ‘birds of the same feathers’. A week before, the candidates disagreed on Hon. Minister Kasolo’s suggestion of agreeing on one candidate and avoid joining the race.

The State Minister for Micro-finance who is also the party Chairperson in the district has always preached togetherness in the party but it seems none of the candidates has been willing to listen to him.

At Kabira Sub County headquarters, one of the LCV contestants Kintu Patrick Kisekkulo accused his rival Charles LubegaZiriddamu of receiving Youth Livelihood Program funds under a group registered as Kalisizo Ziriddamu Catering Services, a group that has received the funds more than once.

This angered many youths who had attended the rally and it was at Police’s mercy that the situation had to be calmed down. Kintu repeatedly said it as he insisted; his rival was not fit to receive the developmental funds since he was above the 30 years that are recommended by the Ministry of Gender and Labour.

Kisekkulo being crowned by an old woman in Kalisizo
Kisekkulo being crowned by an old woman in Kalisizo

However, Ziriddamu denied all the allegations as he requested for his name on the list of beneficiaries in the mentioned group. He said he is not up to gossiping but rather ready to work for Kyotera residents as a whole.

Ziriddamu also replied by calling Kintu an incompetent leader who has failed in the whole of his leadership trend. “I don’t think any of you here can risk trusting this incompetent man. I have known him for some good time because he has been a workmate at our mother district of Rakai”, he said.

Kintu’s incompetence was also backed by a fan Nabunje Mary at Kalisizo Sub County headquarters but was silenced by Kintu who said she didn’t know the procedures of losing trust in any councilor at the district.

“Some supporters are simply planted by reckless people and they end up asking reckless questions”, Kintu said.

Another scandal happened between Rachael Nakitende and Cissy Nantongo who almost flexed as they spoke to their supporters. Nakitende was accused by a fan of lacking clothings to put on during the campaigns as he urged the voters to elect Cissy who at least was well off ‘in the pocket’.

Nakitende conceded the defeat of being poor but urged her fellow poor people to vote her so that they can all be elevated to a promising stage.

This brought bitter arguments among the supporters of Nantongo and Nakitende and this may see the NRM party supporters in a very bitter division even when one of the three contestants merges the winner.

Dhalia Kibalama is also another contestant for the Woman MP in the NRM party. The winner among the three will have to face Robbinah Sentongo Nakasirye who is holding the Democratic Party flag.

The winner among Ziriddamu, Kisekkulo and Mugerwa will have to face Tom Balojja who holds the Democratic Party card and Kaggwa Joseph who is to contest on an Independent card. The NRM party has however shown a great weakness among its candidates and this could easily pave way for any other party in the coming general elections.

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