Dave Dash Latest: Drug Addicted Dude gets saved as Useful Friends testify with moving Stories

Zziwa before and at the Rehab center now (L)

Davis Lukwago alias Dave Dash Solido is almost sound and back to his senses than defunct situation although undergoing intensive rehabilitation. For starters, the dreaded presenter was pictured on Tuesday September 19th 2017 trotting NAKED in the streets of Bunga a Kampala Suburb.

Our highly placed pries have it on a good note that the dude has been rescued by his spoiler, the CEO Striker Entertainment Record Label and bulk drug supplier John Isokpehi Obas aka Striker, who has been choking him on Cocaine for a good time. He has teamed up with a city hair stylist and once a drug addict, a one Zziwa, to save him the drug evil.

A close friend to striker and Dave Dash identified as Emma Allan Kiguli has revealed to this website how Striker is footing his rehabilitation bills despite his shady drug supplies around Kampala night spots like Casablanca and Club play. He however refutes Striker’s influence on Dave Dash’s drug-smitten lifestyle.

“Bro let me put it clear to you and everyone; Striker isn’t a bad person neither a drug lord. He is a businessman like any other person. I went to him and pleaded with him on how he can help Dave Dash get his life back. I first did this when he had left the mother of his kid. We tried so much to see he gets back but he had decided to leave the wife. Striker gave him a startup and he got along well for some time. For all those in the know of him, Striker doesn’t smoke or do drugs… Emma said

Redeemed: Our sources have learnt that Dave Dash has vowed never to abuse drugs because he’s fully tasted all the consequences of the stuff addiction. “Dave has checked into a rehab and I am so excited to have met him this morning, Zziwa reassured.

He added; “He looks very much in shape and enthusiastic. I asked him how he feels being here and his response was simple. ‘Proud. I am proud of myself, mostly because I wasn’t forced to come.’ I told him of how his “soldier” has become famous on the internet and he laughed about it. His reason for his meltdown is that he was depressed after working for many days without getting adequate rest. My favorite part talking to him was when he vowed; ‘I am never going to use drugs again. Never.’”

We’ve gathered that Dave now understands the risks of using drugs and that’s the first step towards healing. There are quite a number of steps though. He has to change friends and environment. When one is around people who use drugs, they’re almost guaranteed to relapse. In life, people are largely influenced by the characters and things around them. Now that Dave is in rehab, far away from his former life, we believe he will walk out clean. Born-again. That’s actually for sure.

“As you very well know, I was there and my life has positively changed since then. I am more productive at my business and more close to my family. There was a huge gap created between me and my mother, my wife and everyone dear to me, thanks to using drugs. That gap has been bridged. My family, and a couple of friends are helping in my new journey as a recovering addict. It is in the same manner that we need to treat Dave. He needs positive people. He needs us, especially when he returns to our faces.”

Zziwa says that his hope is that youth and drug addicts challenge selves to create a drug-free community. “I believe in doing so we’ll see a positive impact in our society overall.” Zziwa among other socialites call upon people to help Dave Dash and emphasize saving Uganda from the biting drug vice in the country. In his confession, he reveals how life twisted in his heydays of drugs.

“I have been reading remarks on the internet from several people with many judging Dave Dash, calling him names and so many not-so-nice things. As a former addict, I know Dave is not mad. The word is sick. He is sick and we need to help him heal rather than point fingers at him.”

About himself, he recall days when he stayed naked in his house after using drugs. “On many such days I got hallucinations about so much. Sometimes illusions of me swimming in a pool, having intercourse with a woman, playing an instrument and so on and so forth. I could have stepped out, but there was always someone taking care.”

He says the people around him, especially his driver did not know what was going on in his life. “They thought me crazy and that’s the thing with drugs! Whereas everyone may find you insane, you’re in your own world, having a great, great time. I consider myself lucky to have sought help at Butabika. My life was going downhill, but thank heavens I noticed before it was very late, before the media got pictures of me naked, as well.”

What has happened to Dave should be a signal that many people are struggling with addiction. They wish to break free from this disease. One that is biting on our dear lives, silently. It is therefore our responsibility as a community to help people like Zziwa and Dave. “I’m looking forward to working with individuals and organizations willing to end the substance abuse,” concludes Zziwa.

It should be remembered that Dave Dash lost his jobs at NTV Uganda as the ‘NTV the Beat’ co-host and at Bugolobi based Radiocity where he was hosting the evening show. His American national lover, Wellike Westra, dumped him and exited the country with Dave’s only son Zion Davis Lukwago at the climax of his drugs’ consumption.

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    But David I dought whether ur writing iz based on facts or division.u owe an apology to stirker, I dought whether u ave facts on what u writing or need facts.well lets watch

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