Why I’ve Decided to Follow Prophet Mbonye who’s Methods, Gen. Kayihura was advised against for My Life

Mbonye and Gen. Kale Kayihura

Opinion: At the peak of my tag-of-war with the Uganda’s Police Force top boss, Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura, he was advised by his hitherto strategic brains to UNFRIEND and get rid of me once and for all. He kowtowed to the same and reportedly, directed his trusted Nickson boys to do the needful.

The needful was to kidnap and torture me before getting rid of my phones in a disguised accusation of me having knowledge of his fallen Assistant, Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s demise. As usual, I got the information from the same circles that were meant to implement the nasty project. I went public about it, hence sending them back on the drawing board.

Plan ‘B’ was to be an organized, official bout through the Crime Intelligence (C.I) Directorate. “We are under a lot of pressure. Why don’t you let the General alone,” confessed the C.I Director. I again went more public through an open letter to the Court of Last Resort. My sincere gratitude to some media houses, particularly NBS Television, fellow Online Media Publications’ comrades and Social media.

In one of the joint security meetings, Gen. Kayihura’s representative raised the issue and sought a way forward against my ‘venomous’ articles via the Investigator against ‘national security.’ They laughed it off. “What’s in particular wrong about his articles? On which grounds should we reprimand him,” one of the security chiefs responded, perusing through the Investigator’s popular CIP Records.

The Director was instead advised to advise his boss to instead implement the implementable within my rather advisory pieces. He was reminded that whatever happens to ‘that boy’ (C’mon guys, I am 46), the prime suspect would be the Police and probably, the top boss.

I am glad to notice that henceforth, things slowly started changing with the General partly distancing self from some of his hitherto trusted hit-men in police uniform as well as in criminal corridors. With the security chiefs’ and his masters’ advice against UNFRIENDING me, yours truly got another chance to still share oxygen with the rest of Ugandans. I hasten to add though, that the tenterhooks are way long from over, at least, if to go by my pries from within.

Had the UNFRIEND project succeeded, the alleged Kooki cannibals would have fed on my oily flesh long ago and by now, they would be as hungry as millions of war-galloped South Sudan nationals roving in Ugandan Refugee camps. Surprisingly (even to my person), whereas the botched project came with another chance of life for me, I have defiantly elected to practice it all the way through…

Lest I forget the story

At the climax of criticisms against Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s man-worship-drunken followers, some of whom diving low to lick his shoes, the man of Gaad did not labor to listen to, and or give another chance to critics in a bid of, who knows, convincing them to his side of the heavenly light. No, he elected to UNFRIEND and get rid of them… Period. From him, I have learnt that we overload ourselves with unwanted and hence unhelpful, negative-laden trash around ourselves.

Today, I woke up to my routine of perusing through my social network accounts. I landed on this post with a lady posing at a construction site of some apartments in Nakulabye. She was requesting us, Facebook friends to support her business. She has a good number of professional builders, architect designers and all that goes with construction. She also sells lake-sand and some construction material, she concluded.

I have a supportive soft heart for self-motivated women in business. On reading her convincing support-seeking post, I went to examine her profile. She’s a former journalist with a semi-indigenous Daily and a married young mother. Then I landed on one of her latest posts. The longest and more elaborative was where, she summarily advised the man of Gaad, Prophet Mbonye’s critics to get a life!

I went deeper and landed on her Shs750, 000 receipt towards the infamous Zoe family’s lavish service in honor of the prophet and, before I could finally make up my mind, I scooped into mine to verify her value-addition as a social network friend, to my person and business.

She has never commented, liked, contributed or in any way, reacted to/on a single post of mine. Thinking of the thousands pending friend requests whose space I can’t find in my exhausted account, and seeing we have, and may never have anything in common to support each other as friends, I thought of ‘How Would Mbonye React.’

I heartedly smiled as I pressed the UNFRIEND button, ignoring Mark Zuckerberg boys’ advice that I wouldn’t be able to see her posts and vice versa any more… I saved her master from the UNFRIENDING project by not friending him in the first place. Now I am still, satisfactorily smiling as I look for the next victim. What was wrong in Gen. Kale’s project is right in my new one… Stay strong and blessed. Have a Happy week

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