Of Today’s Religiously Brainwashed Youth and Yesteryears Action-packed Young Heroes

Kabuleeta kissing Mboye's feet over the weekend

Kabuleeta Opinion: This week was ushered in by the hitherto little known ‘Prophet’ Elvis Mbonye’s expensive ‘Honoring Prophet Mbonye’ fellowship, spiced with pictures of his followers licking his boot. Of all the boot-lickers, Joseph Kabuleeta, the two-decade fine sports journalist cum analyst, captured the public eye.

A longtime friend of Mbonye with whom they battled biting poverty a few years ago (Mbonye’s smile down at him describes it better), Kabuleeta is believed to be among the top four ‘ministers/investors’ at the address-less ministry. His boot-licking antics, critics reasoned, was a bait to capture the many young people, youths who look up to him. I too, find this hilariously disturbing though!

The United States of America with the motto “In God We Trust” is among the greatest exporters of war. There are practical dynamics that run an economy and God sending angels from heaven with miracle money, miracle jobs among others are not among them.

When one visits Uganda, they can’t fail to take notice of the religion impact. With billboards all over the city with words like “we trust in God”, street spy preachers, churches opening up every week, prayer breakfasts at the expense of the taxpayer, there have been no miracle jobs created to reduce on unemployment, miracle money to run economy budgets but more debts.

Religion has only helped create a lethargic group of youth moving from church to church, spending more time in prayers than working, hoping for miracle blessings.

Religion hasn’t taught youth to question statements like “leadership comes from the God,” do unaccountable leaders, with no respect for the rule of law, leaders stealing funds allocated for construction of hospitals among other unethical practices come from God?. Religion in Uganda has instead created Christians that are mentally enslaved and can’t think outside the box.

A group of youth who believed in action and not religion, calling themselves freedom fighters joined the bush in 1980 to liberate country Uganda. If it wasn’t that their leaders left the core values fought for, this country would be doing better. Religion is food for the poor. When people with blood-soiled hands are given front seats in churches, one must smell something wrong!

A Nation whose citizens’ hope is built on religion yet its leaders and technocrats are contradicting in practice digs a grave for the citizenry unless if her citizens wake up to wisdom and question their leaders.  Countries such as china where religion is less observed have a well performing economy with their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) standing at USD11.2 Trillions.

Religion is good if it can keep people peacefully. However, there is no peace in poverty. If you are one of those sticking to a church which doesn’t teach wisdom and you are waiting on miracles, wake up from slumber and take part in income generating activities.

Hope gained from religion will not build Uganda, actors such as the then group of youth in 1980 will impact society, not even slay queens and kings on social media can.

Religion loses relevance when we continue to support and romance society criminals, preach and teach people to settle for freedom not justice. The religious preachers must wake to the facts and start preaching against the misdeeds of government in order to liberate the citizenry.

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Twesigye is a writer, youth leader, social activist and co-founder of United Youth Against Corruption