CIP Records Reloaded: Tenterhooks as Museveni Orders for Kayihura’s Blue-eyed boy Nixon’s Arrest

ARRESTED: Nickson Agasiirwe Karuhanga

KAMPALA, Uganda: News reaching our desk is that the most dreaded police officer and Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kayihura’s blue eyed boy SSP Nickson Agasiirwe Karuhanga has finally been arrested, thanks to several charges to his name, most of which well laid in these pages.

We can irrefutably reveal that Nickson was arrested two days ago following conclusive investigations by the country’s security agencies that reportedly proved his involvement in several criminal activities including among others, the brutal murders of an Eritrean investor Daniel Weldo, former police publicist AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi and illegal repatriation of Rwandese refugees, to mention but a very few.

The Investigator broke the story on our social networks yesterday of how Nickson aka Nixon had been arrested which met with mixed feelings from the respondents. We can however confirm that he is currently detained at Mbuya based Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) from where interrogations started last evening.

Reports from highly placed sources inform us of how Gen. Kayihura has turned restless after the arrest of his lately blue-eyed boy whose incarceration did not request his consent. That police, CMI and Internal Security Organization are currently enjoying a ‘friend-enemy’ status as a result of Gen. Kayihura’s style of operation is an interesting story of another day in these pages.

It all started when CMI reportedly received proven Intel that Kaweesi Murder was planned and executed by police officers on orders from ‘above,’ and that Nixon had one too much knowledge of the same. Telephone communications between the suspected killers and senior police officers, were religiously married though the former’s cell-records were hardly trailed since they had not registered their sim cards, a well-placed source offered last night.

What dragged Nixon nearer to Kaweesi’s murder scene is that a high ranking police officer’s MTN number was used to contact him minutes after the same officer had called Kaweesi using his (top officer’s) official UTL line. At the time, Nixon’s transmission mast records showed he made and received two calls at Kulambiro around the same time, for just one minute each.

On Friday 17th March 2017, as he left his home for official work at around 9:00am, yet ‘unknown’ gunmen showered killer bullets at Kaweesi’s vehicle, leaving him, his driver Godfrey Wambewo and proven commando bodyguard Kenneth Erau dead.

On the fateful day, the richly aggrieved Gen Kayihura appeared at the scene of crime and left without saying a word. He then reappeared, more composed and spoke to the press. It is to this reporter’s knowledge that he latter talked to a number of confidants, saying he greatly suspected the late Noah Wamala’s wife Elizabeth Kigozi Wamala had a thing or two in Kaweesi’s murder.

The President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was later on March 19th 2017 to ‘command’ him at Kaweesi’s vigil at Kulambiro, to clean his house (Police) which to the Court of Last Resort, was infiltrated by criminals. It is from here that the Investigator started the Crime Inflitrated Police (CIP) Records whose links are as below reproduced…

Crime News Gen. Kale Kayihura Tasked to Prove SSP Nickson Agasiirwe is Attested Police

CIP Records P. XI: Hunters jump to Hunting Selves as Nickson is accused of Baying for Flying Squad’ Boss Muhangi’s Blood

CIP Records P. VIII: Museveni Orders for Police Torture Masters’ Arrest as their ‘King’ Nickson Still Survives

CIP Records P.VII: State of Horror as Brutally Tortured Kamwenge Mayor is Discovered Rotting in Nakasero Hospital 

CIP Records P.VI: Fury as Gen. Kayihura Avails Shs440M to have ACP Baroza away from Suspicious Ugandans

On the other hand, Nixon, who was meant to be for a senior commanders’ course in Bwebajja, is already seen using a Kulambiro connected Mast and had received four calls from one of his highly placed bosses before he arrived at the scene of crime at mid-day where he was seen privately discussing with Gen. Kayihura’s P.A, ACP Jonathan Baroza.

It should be recalled and reviewed in these pages that Baroza’s driver, AIP Bwire was arrested trying to retrieve blood-soaked soils at the scene of murder which investigators have since termed as ‘contaminating the crime scene and it is believed that there was another DNA at the scene of crime which Bwire was trying to get rid of in a bid to kill evidence of the same.

It should further be recalled that before Gen. Kayihura went to court to stop the Investigator and this writer in particular, from reporting about Kaweesi’s murder, we had reported of fake suspects that had been arrested many of whom, even never knew the scene of crime as well as how, Baroza ordered his senior, AIGP Fred Yiga to release Bwire on orders ‘from above.’

We had also reported of how CMI had arrested many suspects that they believed were connected to Kaweesi murder. However, these were not take to court but the fake suspects arrested and tortured by Police’s Flying Squad many of whom, court awarded Shs80M each for torture and wrongful arrest.

In an interesting turn of events, CMI investigators privy with Nixon investigations tell us that the hitherto feared Cop also knows more than enough about the missing cum murdered Eritrean investor Daniel Weldo, who is said to have earlier detained at his (Nixon’s) Kololo based ‘safe-house’ before he was discovered dead in the Northern parts of Uganda. This seemed a concluded story with some convicted people in Luzira prisons but Nixon’s hand has been sniffed by CMI.

At the same time, larger investigations place Nixon at the center of several other murders including that of Joan Kagezi, the former senior prosecutor at the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) and the illegal repatriation of Rwandese political refugees. Though the latter these could not be readily proven by this website, it has been a public secret in security corridors.

Stuffed with all the above and more information, President Museveni, who is now reportedly more incensed with his self-proven criminal infiltrated police and reason he recently ordered for action. After CMI briefs and his own intelligence bodies’ analysis, the son of Kaguta also rubbished police reports that Kaweesi was probably murdered by ADF… Watch this space…

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