Anger as Innocent Man Rots in Kiira Division Police Cells over failure to raise a Shs14M Bribe

Betrayed by his structure? Jimmy Ngaboyenka

KAMPALA, Uganda: Jimmy Ngaboyenka, a St. Karooli Catholic Church usher in Ggaba and a bouncer at Fusion Spa in Munyonyo is reported rotting in Kiira Division police after he was arrested vide a mistaken identity before he was allegedly requested to pay a Shs14 million bribe for his release, the Investigator exclusively report.

It all started over three weeks ago when Flying Squad operatives led by a one Simon Nkonge raided a Congolese gold dealer home in Munyonyo in search to recover USD36000 which the Congolese reportedly received from a Canadian tourist as a deposit for ten Kilograms of gold a deal that turned out to be fake.

Ngaboyenka, who was on his way to his workplace stopped to watch the scuffle that was taking place as the operatives arrested whoever was found at the Congolese home near Mickie’s Bar. As he enjoyed the action-packed movie, the operatives arrested him and he joined the other three before the beatings started. Reports indicate the Congolese was not at home and is still at large to date.

After three days of torture, they were delivered to the Flying Squad boss Herbert Muhangi for further management. Seeing how they had been tortured, Muhangi handed the suspects to CID department for immediate release on bond. On asking why Ngaboyenka was arrested, Muhangi was told that the well-built body lad just looked suspicious.

“It’s a lie. We don’t have those people here. They were handed over to CID for bond. Tell the complainants to contact the Investigating Officer for their people,” Muhangi replied to our call on Tuesday. Indeed, we established that the suspects were handed over to I.O Christine Kyalisiima. But she did ignore the release advice and instead transferred the suspects to Kiira Division Police.

Speaking to the Investigator on Monday, Ngaboyenka’s relatives claimed he had initially asked to pay Shs40 for his release, a figure that has since dropped to Shs14M which, the relatives have failed to raise. “We insist that our person is innocent. Let them produce him to court and if he is found guilty, then we can toil and look for the money,” a relative cried.

“There seem no hope of ever getting out of cells alive let alone going to court to prove his innocence. The only communication from him was that he was asked to at least part with Shs40m! In his life he had only USD500. Our efforts to have our brother released have yielded nothing but more torture.”

Complaint against Kyalisiima and Nkonge to DPP

Whereas the family have resorted to file a petition with the human rights commission and Law Society, the Church are petitioning the Speaker of Parliament, DPP and Internal Affairs ministry for intervention. “He was arrested and tortured badly courtesy of mistaken identity and a ransom. We as the Church can’t involve ourselves in bribery,” a church leader opened on condition of anonymity.

“The flying squad investigating head D/ASP Hilary refused to manage the case and an angry FS commandant Muhangi ordered for the release. Why should Kyalisiima and Nkonge do to the contrary? Of all the people in their custody, only Charles is involved in the bogus deal! Madam   Kyalisiima seems more interested in persecuting an innocent man,” James Kikomeko, a friend to Ngaboyenka complained.

The inside story

Our exclusive investigations have unearthed that it all started when the Canadian, travelling on a tourist and not commercial visor, entered Uganda about a two months ago. Whereas he disguised as a tourist, he had a gold deal transaction behind his head. Believable stories indicate that he had heard of M23 rebels who were selling gold on black market in Uganda.

He spent a few days looking for contacts and it fell in the ears of a one Charles who, determined to transact the deal. He approached his Congolese friends (names ignored as we established they are fake) in Munyonyo and the team connived to swindle the Mzungu, whom they had comfortably learnt, was already, illegally in the country. In a video recorded meeting, they convinced him to part with a deposit of USD36000 for ten kilograms of gold.

The Canadian would then sign the documents and go to Dubai from where he was to receive the gold. With all done, he jetted for Dubai and on reaching there, he was informed he had carried fake documents. Incensed to the marrow, he jumped on the next flight to Uganda. He got in contact with Flying Squad (FS)’s Nkonge for the recovery.

Nkonge advised him to call Charles with a sweeter deal and oh yes, he dialed the number. “Im still in the country and wants 20 kilograms of gold with full payment here,” Given the figures involved, Charles never gave chance to a second thought. He jumped on into the near boda-boda and off to a Kampala city hotel to meet the Mzungu. He was arrested on arrival. The rest is the story as narrated above. In the meantime, yet unconfirmed info is that the Mzungu has been convinced into changing the figure to USD66000, the balance being a kickback on recovery. Watch this space.

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    Interesting how our Police works, just Cheating people who are innocent to be released from jail!