CIP Records: Shame as another Rwandese Survives Illegal Deportation at the hands of Police Operatives

Ismael Baguma (L) and Flying Squad boss Herbert Muhangi

KAMPALA, Uganda: Even when the hitherto feared, notorious Nickson Agasiirwe Karuhanga and PSU Boss CP Joel Aguma among others are in prisons over illegal repatriation of Rwandese and Congolese nationals, someone is yet to relent.

The Investigator can exclusively report how another Rwandese last Thursday 9th November 2017 survived deportation before he was dragged to Central Police Station (CPS) Kampala cells. Uganda Intelligence Services have it that Deoden Mugarura only survived after making alarm and resisting the arrest and eventual repatriation.

Security sources have it that a one Ismael Baguma is the mastermind of the foiled plot. Baguma is prominent in exiled Ali Kabanda’s dossier to President Museveni as the man behind the wrongful deportation of tens of Rwandese refugees in the recent past years. It is said that on Thursday, through a one David Ssenyonga, Baguma trapped Mugarura with a fake cash deal.

After Ssenyonga successfully lured Mugarura into their trap, another Baguma’s operative, Alex Kagame, also a police informer joined in to arrest their target. They were later reinforced by Baguma’s right-hand man Innocent Munyandekwe who labored to drag Mugarura into their car but in vain. Sensing danger after the intervention of security intelligence operatives, the gang shamefully dragged Mugarura to CPS.

But it was not over yet. Security sources indicate that Baguma dispersed a team of five led by Munyandekwe to have Mugarura forcefully pulled out of the cells and accomplish their illegal repatriation exercise. Armed with cameras and other gadgets, they descended on CPS premises, determined to complete their mission.

“Munyandekwe and group stormed CPS with cameras and attempted to take the refugee to Kigali. The refugee fought and overpowered them with the help of other inmates. Feeling ashamed by continued protection of the discernibly wrong characters, Police decided to arrest them as well,” reads in part, a security report we chanced a glance at.

By Monday this week, Baguma was still pushing for their release from police cells so as to get back onto Kampala streets to continue with their sick missions, sources said. However, aware of what befell his colleagues Aguma and Nixon without a single protection from their top boss, we are impeccably informed that Herbert Muhangi is yet to kowtow to any orders to release the Rwandese operatives.

Recently, Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) took over investigations into crimes committed by police officers. This was after the police boss Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura had failed to implement his master, President Yoweri Museveni’s orders to have his force cleaned. “Police is infiltrated by criminals,” president Museveni had announced during the vigil of the murdered police mouthpiece, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

Upon the presidential declaration of a criminal police, the Investigator started these series code-named Crime Infiltrated Police (CIP) Records through which we unveiled, unearthed and stripped naked, the uniformed officers who trade in crimes than fighting the same. Following the CMI intervention, senior police officers have since been arrested and aligned before court martial.

The interesting part of the ongoing investigation is that findings are placing the officers, especially Nixon into other crimes, the murders of Kaweesi and an Eritrean inclusive. Investigations also indicate that Ismael Baguma, a diplomat attached to Rwandese embassy, isn’t a clean fella in the former case… Watch the space…  

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