Wamala Murder Horror: Runaway Cop Survives Kidnap in a Foreign Country as Fear of an Invisible Hand Emerges

In exile: Joseph Ssegujja

Crime Intelligence: When the hitherto Uganda Police Force spokesman AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi passed on vide an ugly  assassination, stories of the five year-old murder case of Wilberforce Noah Wamala, alongside his Shamba boy Sadique Mugerwa, squeezed through the archives, bouncing back onto front pages of the mainstream, and online media.

This wasn’t because the media and their detective sources had jumped to the conclusions of who the senior Cop’s murders were. No. The main reason was that you couldn’t tell a story of the callous unresolved Wamala murder without mentioning Kaweesi and you bragged of having told any story. The two had become inseparable.

Inseparable because the private investigators, family members and some sections of the media had maintained his alleged involvement without a single challenge to the contrary. All what the public knew therefore, was his religious courage to have the case baffled to its death. Upon his death, plus President Museveni’s revitalized zeal of having him apprehended and get the case expeditiously driven to its logic conclusion, one would think the Wamala murder investigations are home and dry.

Turn of Events

Even when Kaweesi is laid to eternal rest, his main faultfinder, the D/SPC Joseph Ssegujja who, detected his involvement and authored a lengthy report against him, was a few months back saved from an organized kidnap which has been successfully trailed back home, giving credence to serious allegations that after all, Kaweesi had an invisible hand beyond his personal interests’ protection… Read on…

It is a story of a junior cop whose detective antics forcefully drove him out of his motherland and has been trotting and roaming about in several countries for his life, thanks for the discovery of his bosses’ involvement in the murder. His woes started when he went out of his assigned duties to apprehend the hitherto fugitive prime suspect/witness in the Wamala murder, Hassim Ssali, around July 2013.

The Directorate of Public Prosecution had advised that without Ssali’s statement, the case was as dead as its lined victims. As if that was not enough, Ssegujja proceeded to look for the true guys who slaughtered Wamala like a goat. He landed on them in Luzira prisons where, they had been incarcerated on other charges of aggravated robberies. (Details are in the embedded link above).

Seeing he was determined to unveil every detail, even after the successful murder of Ssali in the police cells of Bukasa, Ssegujja’s seniors elected to get rid of him. He says one of his supposed executors tipped him off before he sneaked out of his home and eventually, his country. Armed with his detailed report and other relevant documents, he landed in a neighboring country.

He stayed briefly but the UN advised that he was not safe in that particular country. They even facilitated his travel to the next destination westwards. When there, he presented his case and in a few weeks, he was offered a refugee status. But this wasn’t to take long. Two Ugandan ‘police officials,’ wielding brand new passports, showed up at the Interior Ministry.

The two men were suspected by the ministry officials but they proceeded to listen to them. They wanted a man called Ssegujja who was a fugitive from Uganda with aggravated cases to his name. Sensing Ssegujja’s life was in danger, the officers told them that he is expected to have left the country.

But the ‘police officers’ were more prepared than expected. They presented Western Union transaction papers that suggested he was still in the country. The ministry ‘gave’ them a lee way to proceed and try their luck. Upon leaving, the officer telephoned Ssegujja and briefed him, with advice to arrange to leave the country.

From here, he switched to another African country. He kept switching countries until he landed in one that has quite a lame relationship with Uganda. Whereas in the second country, it is his Western Union providers who betrayed him, the latest attempt in the current country is highly suspected to have been facilitated by the conduits in UN Council. On arrival, Ssegujja reported to the UN and later, Immigration.

The foiled kidnap

Though the immigration proceeded to process his refugee status documents, the UN had insisted on first seeing his place of abode. He gave them the directions and indeed, they visited the following day. However, after a few days, he received other ‘visitors’ who introduced selves as security personnel and wanted to take him with them at the police headquarters.

“I insisted that they read me the case they wanted me for. I also produced my documents and they seemed bent on taking me,” Ssegujja told the Investigator of the months old scenario. In the process of bargaining his freedom, the detective in Ssegujja observed that his ‘visitors’ car plates were different. “This is when I realized I was in danger and started making an alarm.”

Within no time, the rural trading center dwellers had responded to his alarm. The residents insisted that Ssegujja be driven in a separate car and go to the area police station. They overpowered the two ‘officials’ and all drove to the police station. The Officer in Charge said he was unaware of the arresting officers’ operation in his jurisdiction. It was without his knowledge.

At this time, Ssegujja had successfully communicated to the Immigration officer handling his case and indeed, the same called the OC Police, with orders not to let Ssegujja taken anywhere by anybody. “We are handling his case. Government is aware of his presence and indeed, his case back home. Now that he’s in police hands, please provide his safety,” the migration officer is quoted as telling police.

At this point, the visibly shamed and overpowered kidnappers kowtowed and withdrew but with a request to let them take Ssegujja’s photographs. This too was denied by police. Also his confiscated Passport was returned to him before he relocated to another city. Preliminary findings have it that the foiled kidnap has traits trailed to Kampala.

The ugly development has raised more concerns with mixed feelings. Some analysts and investigators believe that other named police officers in the Wamala murder case, though of senior ranks, have no capacity to follow-up their faultfinder into foreign countries. This has prompted the private investigators to look back and scoop deeper into their previous findings for the emerged invisible hand. Watch this space.


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