Court Spoils Tycoon Mugenga’s Xmas Fun as it Sets Dec 23 Deadline to Eject Family from his Kisugu Home

Hard Times: The Mugengas

KAMPALA, Uganda: The family of tycoon Tom Mugenga is living the nightmare of being evicted during the looming Christmas season.

A judge in town has given Mugenga up to December 23 to clear 30 percent of the Ugx3Bn loan he obtained from a local bank. Thirty percent of Ugx3Bn comes to Ugx1Bn. If the man of the home doesn’t do as directed, Mugenga’s family will be evicted from the family home located in the upscale Kisugu village.

Mugenga obtained the financing from Bank of Africa. He pledged the family home in Kisungu to obtain the facility to finance his transport business under the name Mugenga Holding limited. But his family says Mugenga did not tell them anything before going for the loan. His wife, Sarah Mugenga says she only learned of the loan when the bank’s lawyers of Ligomarc and company advocates wrote in March this year, threatening to auction the family home.

Problem is that Mugenga has been struggling for years to clear the loan which moreover continues to attract hefty penalties arising out of the delayed payment. If Mugenga has been unable to clear the loan or part of it over several years, one then wonders how he is going to be able to clear 30 percent of the loan in a short time in order to rescue his family from eviction.

Afraid of becoming homeless, Sarah and his children have again asked Justice Jane Alividiza to retract her order. The judge sitting at the commercial section made the order as the condition to stop the bank from auctioning Mugenga’s family.

Sarah and her children had asked Alividiza to halt the eviction because what the bank wants to auction is matrimonial home which Mugenga, they say, is forbidden to pledge to a bank without the consensus of the family, more so the wife.

While the judge accepted to hear the family lawsuit, she nonetheless ruled that she can only stop the bank from evicting them if they (family) would settle 30 percent of the loan amount by December 23.

Sarah has now returned to Alividiza asking the judge to halt her order so that she can test it before the court of appeal. She filed her application for review of the order through Bwango, Araali and company advocates.

Justifying the need to review Alividiza’s order, Sarah says her appeal would be rendered useless if the order is not stopped so as to give a chance to the court of appeal to hear her concerns.

“We are facing the real threat of being rendered homeless since the bank is most likely to auction the home by the deadline given by court,” cries the spouse. Aividiza had not fixed the application for hearing by the time we went to the press.

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