Italian Investor arrested over Anal S3X Assault he Reportedly Committed at Buziga Country Resort

Antonio Di Fonzo during interrogations at Kibuli and right is the police surgeon's report,

KAMPALA, Uganda: Amazing scenarios never seem to end. It all begun like any other normal day for Antonio Di Fonzo on Wednesday 13th December 2017.

But as he sat at the Good African Coffee located at the Shoprite Mall in Lugogo, enjoying his cup of coffee, the unthinkable happened. Two security operatives walked in and told him he was needed at the CID Headquarters in Kibuli. The ‘hunt’ for this Italian investor had been on for some time, we later established.

Antonio Di Fonzo, The Investigator undercover intelligence team later established is the Executive Director Europa Engineers Limited, a company that deals in security gadgets, airport security installations and engineering among others.

The Investigator went deeper to unearth why this Italian with a home and family in the UK was picked by plain clothed security personnel. Since he didn’t object to the demands of the security operatives, Di Fonzo wasn’t handcuffed and was even allowed to drive his personal car, a black Mitsubishi Pajero Reg. No. UAW653S to Kibuli CIID Headquarters.

We can reveal that he was straight away directed to the office of the Commissioner Media Crimes D/ACP Isaac Oketcho where he was interrogated for hours and released on police bond pending further investigations.

The charges?

The Investigator undercover intelligence established that Di Fonzo was arrested after being hunted for long for a sexual assault on a young boy (sodomy). The charge sheet that we saw (GEF CID HQS 899/2017) indicated that Di Fonzo committed the offense on 21st November 2017 at Buziga Country Resort.

Our visit to the Police Surgeon at Nsambya Barracks established that a one OBEL BOB JOHNSON, the complainant was examined and found to have been assaulted upon. We obtained the medical examination report dated 21st November 2017 signed by Edrisa Ssemakula (Force No. 19334).

The letter from CID Headquarters demanded that the Police Surgeon examines Obel Bob Johnson, a victim of sexual assault. According to Obel, Antonio Di Fonzo had sexually molested him while at Buziga Country Resort.

Antonio Di Fonzo reacts

After he was released on police bond, this writer sought him out for his side of the story. At first, Di Fonzo objected requesting to be given his peace. But after another call, he obliged and agreed that we meet at Quality Cuts in Kabalagala where the interview took place. “That is absolute sh***t. it is a heavy load of sh**t. I am just being framed. I am not gay,” said Di Fonzo. “I will sue the ass of any newspaper that runs this bull shit.”

We asked whether he thought he was being witch-hunted by his business opponents. “Most likely, I can’t rule that out. But I am very innocent. Let police investigate,” he responded. He said he had been in Uganda since 1997.

“I have a family in UK and my children. I had a Kenyan lady but we have since separated. I now live alone in Buziga,” he said. Di Fonzo said he was just a victim of witch-hunt by his enemies. He accused the security of working with his enemies to bring him down. Watch this space.

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