Kisekka Market Conundrum: Naming the Big shots fighting to grab the Market from True Vendors, Beneficiaries

L-R: Charles Peter Mayiga, Pius Bigirimaana, Ibrahim Byandaala, Syda Bumba and Elias Lukwago

KAMPALA, Uganda: Much as the son of Mzee Amos Kaguta, President Yoweri Museveni sympathized with the common man who were running up and down at the notorious Kisekka market corridors for daily bread, some greedy, big fish watching from all high sites in the city have been discovered to have connived with the then interim leadership to devilishly grab this golden chance intended for that ordinary street Motor spare parts hawkers who derived their survival from vending their trade, the Investigator reports.

Greed does not spare even the honorable and Right Honorable members, as you will soon find out in this investigative piece. The same type of greed has proved to be highly infectious in our society, currently with no cure, not even in the near future.

Of recent, many media outlets have been awash with astonishing news of money ‘transfers’ sighted in Kisekka market grab deals . A cold war developed between two warring parties concerning the eligible leadership of the market which ended up in High courts of this banana republic, seeking legal redress as to who does what.

After each side throwing in its convincing dry ink before the sitting learned big wigs, the learned fellows took the onus, filtering and finding a lasting solution of which, either side had to swallow the bitter truth emanating from the same. Consequently, right from the High court of Kampala, Civil Division, under the charge of Her Worship Justice Lydia Mugambe, matters were set to rest by uttering an honorable ruling as of 18th August 2017.

The court order passed it as follows; The Board of Directors appointed led by Geoffrey Kayita was valid but only in interim capacity. Well as the old Board of Directors led by Richard Kisembo Kasoro lapsed hence with and/or set aside.

The new interim Board was charged with a noble responsibility of calling for a Special General Meeting (SGM) within 30days aimed at addressing management and leadership issues of the company.

Court was meant to know that at the early stages of the proceedings when court had ordered for the same meeting, some members were denied entry to the venue thereby disfranchising the legible beneficiary. Therefore the hearing Justice ordered that all members of the original register of membership be allowed to attend and vote.

However, with all intentions best known to them, Richard Kisembo Kasoro and his cohorts sounded unconvinced hence ended up throwing in their application for an Order of stay of Execution, before Justice Christopher Madrama Izama of the Execution and Bailiffs Division in the Kampala High court.

This court still upheld the previous high court ruling of Justice Lydia Mugambe on insisting that the directors who were duly elected be upheld and maintained that a Special General Meeting be convened which could not be stayed.

What are the inside causes of all these leadership wrangles: According to Simon Peter Rwakijuma, the Geoffrey Kayita’s Board Secretary, more than 1200 of the purported members in the Richard Kisembo Kasoro’s register do not belong to the original register of members/subscribers of 24th/08/2007 which is regarded as original.

Again, more than 650 purported members of Kisembo’s list, joined the company before its incorporation (20th/08/2007). Then more than 700 purported members of the company members in this same list joined the company after the Registrar General had halted all transactions on the company file pending final disposal of legal proceedings (8th/08/2016)

A total of 15 non-members of the company/Vendors of the former Kisekka Market own more than 180 shops in the ongoing market construction against Ministry of Local government guidelines.

The list of such members shown here below and whose names we have confirmed to be in the rubbished register, includes some prominent big fish in town:

  1. Mr. Mukasa Peter
  2. Mr. Jjooga Ssebukulu
  3. Hon. Ibrahim Byandaala
  4. Delight Uganda Ltd (Cheers)
  5. Charles Peter Mayiga (The Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom)
  6. Mr. Godfrey Nkajja Kayongo
  7. Hon. Saydah Bbumba (Former Finance Minister Central government)
  8. John Cossy Odomel( Former IGP)
  9. Judge Stella Arach Amoko
  10. Kataratambi Silver
  11. Kabuye Richard
  12. Pius Bigirimana (Permanent secretary)
  13. Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago /Katumba Chrysostom
  14. Richard Kisembo Kasoro (The embattled chairman of the defunct company) and,
  15. Yusuf Wangi among others.

The above persons are appearing on stage after former Chairman Kisembo Kasoro had reportedly extracted huge sums of money from them to purchase shops at the expense of the ordinary beneficiary of 2007 deal.

Each shop 10ft*10ft is believed to have gone for $15000 and a supermarket of 1560 square metres go for $2million. This above revelation shows how Ugandans are really following their conscience and belief to the extent of altering the Country’s motto of FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY to FOR GOD AND MY STOMACH. Watch this space…

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