Shame, Shock as 68-year-old Confesses to sharing Husband with her 14-year-old Granddaughter

Pregnant at fourteen. (Courtesy photo)

RAKAI, Uganda: It all started when Denis Musinguzi 42 married Rosemary Nassozi at 64 years about four years back in Byakabanda Sub County, Rakai district but the man lost patience after realizing the lady could hardly conceive.

Nassozi did not reveal her true years to her fiancé by then but instead assured him of conceiving and producing a bouncing baby boy within a very short period of time.

After a period of four years, Musinguzi harshly demanded for a child and the only option was offering him Resty Nalusiba, a dumb and deaf 14 year old granddaughter whom Nassozi said had the potential to produce due to her young age and the energy she had.

Police at the Rakai district headquarters came to learn about this situation from a few concerned citizens who had realized the teenager being pregnant yet there were rumors that she had an affair with the husband to her granny.

The Rakai District Police Commander (DPC) Patience Baganzi ordered for Musinguzi’s arrest after squeezing information out of the merciless old woman who admitted sharing Musinguzi with her grandchild.

“I had no option other than revealing to him my true age and we agreed that my granddaughter could be the best option to get him a child. This was because Nalusiba was already staying with us and there was no need to incur more costs of constructing a house or paying bride price”, she explained.

Nassozi further explained to the authorities that she was also scared of handing in her disabled grandchild to other men since she could be mistreated without anyone to help.

“My child dropped out of school and has been helping me with the domestic work. I’m sure many men out there admired her but none of them can handle her better than my husband. I’m therefore not bothered at all sharing a man with her because I’m simply keeping her safe from those hungry and greedy men out there”, added the old woman.

According to an interpreter who knew the young girl very well, Nalusiba was worried of the grandmother because out of just a simple mistake, she would receive severe punishments which made her think that the granny was jealous since the husband had abandoned her for some good time.

Nalusiba and Nassozi live in the same house but have different bedrooms where the man dictates in which he spends the night.

Nalusiba is now 6 months pregnant but the community is already saying such instances really disgust them and feel the authorities should come up with strong measures that can help cleanse the area.

Joseph Ssendagi the District Probations Officer vowed to take action since this haunts the children’s future and exposes them to a high risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases especially AIDS which is expected to be spreading more among the teenagers.

Rakai district is known for being the place where AIDS set foot before spreading like a bushfire throughout the country and region. A large percentage of children giving birth between the age of 12 and 17 have also been registered by various NGO’s such as World Vision and Rakai Councilor’s Association (RACA) among others.

Most of these girls have ended up going for early marriages since they drop out of school at a very tender age. Musinguzi is being detained at Rakai district Police Station and will be charged with aggravated defilement vide police file number CRB 759/17

The Grade one Magistrate His Worship Latif Abubaker Nakibinge recently advised organizations to come up with provision of guidance and counseling programs to the victims and the culprits themselves because taking them to court can’t be the only solution to such problems.

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