Are These Falsehoods, Instead Of Supporters Or Thieves Traveling With The Presidential Candidates?

Amama Mbabazi Supporters

With the devastating poverty levels biting nearly every citizen in Uganda especially those in the villages, the general elections which are to take place on 18th February 2016, have brought in mixed reactions across the divide.

In fact, it has brought out a glimpse of true Ugandans, we’re! The excitements in the villages this time round points to the much anticipated no change and change camps busy combing the hills of west to the flat lands of east as well as both the central and north of the country. For the candidates in either for the presidential or other electoral positions indeed have settled for best and they’re hand-in-hand with the rhetoric nature of who to follow exactly.

I’m very certain this time that the turn might seem to be like the one of 2006 as many participated unlike the 2011 national elections. For the past elections, unfortunately this time, the poor aspiring politicians were smacked a tight slap in what was called a law in the name of increment of money from three millions to twenty millions for the highest office in the land as well as from two hundred thousand shillings to three millions for aspiring members of parliament.


In fact these have sieved through the poor, the comedians (but, in both the presidential and members of parliament, there are many comedians almost equaling the number of politicians) and the unserious ones. We can accept that for now, because these are our fellow Ugandans whom you never know what they have for you.

I found out on the campaign trail, why the stealing of the peoples’ items? Why do you have to go to the rally purposefully to steal their commodities? Many people questioning whose father or mother that is but I won’t make such a blunder by emphasizing the fact of how Ugandans survive in all contexts! In fact Ugandans are creative, for as long as the seasons shift or change, they will also change. Many ask questions why the peoples in the rural Uganda, adamantly vote in the opposite way to the so-called city dwellers?

At times its not about class but the truth regarding standards to what resonates to them and what they count as being inferior or superior; understanding the political climate in the names of who to vote for.

Three or four reasons can attribute to this but let me concentrate on the thieves who move around in the name of campaigning for a certain candidate. What happened recently in Busoga is so absurd that, no candidate has come out to condemn even that. For Rtd Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye Warren Kifefe and Rt. Hon. John Patrick Amama Mbabazi NOT to condemn this absurdity is just another confirmation that the trend of voting in the region, might not change.

Many of the peoples who walked longer distances to listen to one candidate, Dr. Kiiza Besigye were robbed by those goons who were moving with him. In fact your supporters are up to today complaining why their money, items like phones etc, were taken in the name of your support. You need at least to address this. How comes that these pick-pocketers and thugs move with you?

The most annoying of this is that even when Rt. Hon. John Patrick Amama Mbabazi was campaigning in the region, the same happened. How comes that these two presidential candidates can not condemn this. These people who steal from the most poor especially in the known poverty-stricken region of Busoga seem to scare many on change even though President Museveni’s empty 52 promises are still not delivered. It’s that pathetic that you tell them change and again rob them the little they have. For the 52 empty promises, the word promises and deceit here have no meaning at-all if you ask any person from this region.

In fact in many trading centers, the moment you flash the FDC or Go-Forward symbol, they simply tell of the return of the thieves! This is Lambala, Kyanvuma and Kiyunga. What was done in Kamuli and Iganga is still devastating as we drove through trying to inquire what happens after these massive rallies. I need to get to northern Uganda especially to have a chat with those people transported to where these yellow rallies always happened. I hope and pray that this wasn’t the same case.

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