WE TOLD YOU: Jackie Chandiru Pokes Death via a Suicide Bid after Her Marriage Hit the Rocks, Just like We Predicted after her Wedding

The sombre filled Jackie (L) and Nal with Adut Mawien

By Jako David Waluluka

The Investigator can exclusively reveal that singer Jackie Chandiru is currently being closely monitored by family and friends after she allegedly attempted to commit suicide a few days ago, though against God’s will.

According to an insider source, Jackie has in the recent past been dogged with several problems that emanate from her now rocky marriage to her estranged Mzungu husband Holland national Nal Viliet.

It is said that after Jackie found out that Nal had been hitched to another babe, a Sudanese born model Adut Mawien, she went into sombre moods that reportedly intensified to drug use and eventually… abuse, hence ending up hating herself as well as living on.

Jackie had wedded Nal on 10th April 2013 at the Serena Hotel in Kampala, which function was preceded by her introduction that was held atop a hangout in Bugolobi. Shortly after, we, in these line predicted what Jackie is currently going through. And below, we reproduce the excerpt;

The Sudanese girl Viliet married

In separate interviews with two of his former girls and a friend, we unearthed that if their confessions and attributions are to go with; Nal is the biggest player thinkable of. He travels to Africa about three times a week.

“He’s married in almost all African countries where he has business contacts, these include Burkina Faso, Ghana, Sudan, Morocco, Liberia, and Uganda, among others,” said Susan (not real name), one of his ‘victims.’ The African girls think of him as a billionaire, and that’s how even Chandiru fell in the mix.

Chandiru’s is a story where, she went to perform in Sudan and landed a friend called Maria (the Nal’s Sudan company secretary). Maria had introduced Jackie to Nal and later went behind her back to sleep with him. They both requested for a visa to the Netherlands on invitation of Nal and Jackie was rejected but Maria got hers.

When Maria got to Holland, she was taken around Nal´s bungalow which he inherited from the father. That’s when Maria realized it was her mistake to give Jackie Chandiru to this man. “She proceeded to sleep with him for the whole of that holiday,” revealed Carol (not real name), another victim of Nol.

Meanwhile, Jackie was denied the Holland visa because she presented her papers showing she is married to Nal yet according to Holland system, Nal was long married to someone else. The immigration office declared her marriage as bogus.

Carol and Susan tell us that every girl Nal marries is given a tattoo code on her back. The tattoo represents the wedding year and girls’ and Nal´s years of birth. In this case Jackie Chandiru´s code is 155284. “So far more than 28 girls have that code tattoo. The Dude talks huge amounts of cash, buys gifts and arranges fake marriages. He is also a bisexual,” narrates Susan.

It is said that Nal NEVER EVER allows a girl to live with him or get officially registered at his private home address. Since Jackie’s wedding they met only three times. They also did not have any honeymoon. Nal is also feared to harbour a strange infectious disease.

After the hook up, Jackie pushed Nal for marriage. She wanted a wedding. But this is just Nal’s hobby… hooking and marrying young girls allover Africa. He also had Adut Mawien the 22 year old Sudanese girl he married two years ago. Nal is now 63 and Jackie, 31.

“Dude is bi sexual and together with his brother called Sjaak who is also gay, they terrorize the backs and fronts of the girls to their access,” Carol reveals. She adds that Nal applies a drug called GHB in the drinks of unwilling girls and still rides them from the back, then shares with his friends, a gang bang.

Poor girl Chandiru

Jackie Chandiru is believed to be one of the victims of the GHB results. “The night she wore a black sleazy dress and had champagne in Nal´s house, she had been in Deutschland on a performance and crossed over to Holland. That night she was drugged and three men are feared to have tortured her. I have pictures to this effect,” Susan narrated.

The house in holland where Van stays and the cars in basement he uses to seduce girls

According to Google sear results, GHB is a rape drug. One is literally dead as the ‘world’ enjoys their goodies. “You [Investigator] have to help and stop this gay man from killing unsuspecting gold diggers,” pleaded Carol.

Back home, the still unsuspecting Jackie is still looking for a house worth USD1m which Nal fooled him into searching for purchase. “Mukazi wattu Jackie guy yamulimba mbu look for a house worth $1M I buy it for you, asiiba anonya but every time she finds one, Dude makes excuses. They sleep in Serena wherever the guy flies to Uganda, all he did was to buy her Michael Kors bags, offered the source.

The Nal wrap-up

According to Susan, he has a huge packing garage under his late father´s house… “But remember he works for a car dealer millionaire Wim. So he arranges such cars on days that girls like Jackie visit and he tells them, ‘Baby this can be your ride if you agree on sex.’”

The number plates, adds Carol, clearly shows the cars are for sale but girls like Jackie can’t know this hence give in their a***s. “These are old men with sick fantancies. Like; they ask women to pee or pupu on them. This information is not so private here in Holland coz they buy audience. They like it when people watch this going on as a woman susu and or make a long call. This is their fantasy and that’s why they are always in a group of men.”

In conclusion, Carol sums with a message to Chandiru thus; “Nal is nearly 63 naye bakyamukozesa. Sente wezili entonotono but tell Jackie the two conflicting planes with the Sudanese government belong to Wim the Dutch millionaire and not Nol. Nol is just employed by what used to be his father´s company but gets a descent salary anyway.”

Visa and Permanent Relocation Bombshell;

It should be noted that after her wedding, Jackie had vowed to take a local musical breather as she concentrated on raising a family with Nal, However, her efforts to stay with the guy in Holland never materialized as we mentioned earlier, and it is said that ever since then she has been living in denial and thus her resorting to booze and drugs for solace.

Who is Jackie Chandiru?

Jackie Chandiru a.k.a Jackie is one of Uganda’s leading female R’n’B artists and vocalists. Jackie kicked off her musical career in 2004 after she emerged as one of the winners for the Coca Cola Pop stars. This led to formation of the Blu 3 which became one of the leading girl groups in Africa.

In 2010 Blu 3 went on leave thus leading to the girls working on solo projects. In mid-2010, Jackie released her first single Agassi in both Lugbara (her native language) and English. This song has earned recognition as a solo artist and has earned her an award, Best r’n’b single in the just ended Diva awards.

She has continued to release songs like Goin’ On ft Jose Chameleone, Gwoyagala ft Rabadaba, Overdose, for all time ft Sami from Eritrea, Bakusigula, Agassi, Stand Together ft Paul Mutebi of Limit X, Baazi Yo, Wind it Up ft Navio and Fidempa and so much more. She has worked with producers like Goodenuff Records, Swangz Ave, Paddy Man from Dream studios, Hanz from Hanz Production and Charlie King.

Jackie is amongst few Ugandan musicians to have broken out of the local music scene and made an impact on the African music scene. Their music can be heard on Radio across Africa and their trendy high budget videos have enjoyed extensive airplay on major African networks MTV Base, Channel O and East African Television.

Drunken Slur Stupor Slurred Jackie Speaks Out;

When this writer contacted the singer on Thursday afternoon, she incoherently confirmed that she was actually sick and that she was still in bed at the the moment contemplating on whether to go shopping.

When she was further pressed before she hang up the line , she changed her statement saying that ’ I have been sick and I am still thinking about counseling sessions, but I have to clear my fridge and then go for elections before I embark on an 8hr flight back’.

A little while later she sent an SMS saying that ‘’Sorry my dear, am low on credit now but will call as soon as I step out of home.’’

Friend Lillian Mbabazi and Family Step in;

The same source we spoke to earlier then told us that Jackie’s friend Lillian Mbabazi, has in the recent days been by her side and that she is trying to help her go through this sad situation and that she has been encouraging and escorting her to the counselling session when ever, they manage to talk her into doing so with the help of her family most especially her youngest sister.

But surely with a talent so promising like Jackie’s the last thing that anyone who is into the Ugandan music industry wants is to hear she has decided to destroy her on career and livelihood.

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