City Lawyer Fred Muwema Finally Drags Facebook to Court over Pseudo ‘Tom Voltaire Okwalinga’s Publications about him, Seeks Millions of Dollars in Damages

Lawyer Fred Muwema

Dublin, Ireland: Kampala City Lawyer Fred Muwema indeed knows how to fight and to defend his rights if stumbled upon. This time he has dragged Face Book management to the High Court in Dublin, Ireland demanding for heavy damage compensations and a permanent injunction restricting a faceless FB Account in Tom Voltaire Okwalinga names from publishing any more “crap” about him.

The Investigator has established that Fred Muwema filed the case on the 25th of May 2016. The plenary summons served to Defendant, Facebook Ireland, Limited, of 4 Grand Canal Sqaure, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 seeks to among others put a permanent order restraining Tom Voltaire Okwalinga from any injurious publications to Muwema and his law company.

The summons to Facebook issued by The Honorable Susan Denham, Chief Justice of Ireland, gave Facebook eight days to defend itself or judgment be made in their absence on June 1st (tomorrow). According to the general endorsements of claim, the plaintiffs wants a permanent Order pursuant to section 33 of the of the Defamation Act 2009 prohibiting the publication or further publication of the Facebook page of Tom Voltaire Okwalinga hosted by the Defendant.

In particular they cite articles entitled: Betrayal in the City posted on 17th March 2016, “Scandal Lawyer Fred Muwema, is now guarded by Special Forces Command Operatives who follow him everywhere and are dressed in civilian clothes, and armed with revolvers” posted on 19th March 2016 and “Muwema is a joke of a Lawyer” posted on 24TH March 2016, which posts were updated and edited on 18th, March, 22 March and 24 March 2016. Muwema also sought to have an order that that the Defendant having notice of the Order Cease and desist any further publication of the articles above.

Muwema also wants court to order Facebook to provide him with the details it has in its possession regarding the identities and location of the person or persons who operate the Tom Voltaire Okwalinga Facebook page of the individual posters thereon. This he says must come with hefty damages and defamation compensations estimated in millions of dollars.

Muwema contends that since these posts were posted on Facebook, there has been numerous comments and blogs that have condemned, ridiculed and threatened him, his firm and safety, as well as damaging his reputation, and creditworthy. He told Facebook management in the summons that after TVO posted the articles, a total of 3025 comments were raised of which 2973 constituted hate speech, threatening violence, and death to him which were outright defamatory.

TVO posted then that Fred Muwema had been bribed by government to the tune of UGX 900 million to drop out of the presidential election petition filed by the Rt. Hon., Amama Mbabazi along with destroying evidence by breaking into his own firm located in Kololo. “The statements posted are of most extreme gravity as it is criminal offence in Uganda punishable by seven years in jail to destroy evidence as well as it being an offence to obstruct or disturb the course of judicial proceedings,” observed Muwema in his 50 page affidavit.

Fred Muwema a managing partner I M/s Muwema and Company Advocates is also a member of the Uganda Law Society that has over 2500 members, East African Law Society (10,000 members), International Trade Mark Association (10,000 members), as well as the International Bar Association that has a membership of over 80,000.

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