Minister Reveals Rakai Teachers Hire Half-baked Mercenaries to Teach Students, Vows to Strike the Whip

Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo speaking at the function on Saturday

RAKAI, Uganda: Absenteeism and impersonation are vices that have been proven in most of the government offices in various parts of the country. This will however, not be the case any more in Rakai district, if to take seriously, the State Minister for Micro Finance, Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo’s words.

Kasolo, also the NRM Chairperson of Rakai district warned all teachers and other government workers against failure to follow their job description to the letter and rather decide to simply wait for salaries at the end of the month.

He was on Saturday officiating at a fundraising function at Kibaale S.S in Rakai district recently. The school was fundraising money to build a girls’ dormitory. He said many government employees have a tendency of taking their jobs for granted just because they know their jobs are permanent and pensionable.

“What I want my people of Rakai to know is that being my home district yet Iam a Minister, I will not tolerate any nonsense” he roared. The President recently fired all Health workers sparing just one in Nakawuka HC III, Wakiso district for incompetence and absenteeism. This was after continuous complaints arose from residents about the incompetence of the health workers.

One of the head teachers in Rakai, Joseph Byekwaso committed suicide after proving guilty in the operation that was aimed at figuring out impersonating teachers recently. According to reliable sources, Byekwaso was guilty and felt could hardly face the consequences of having ghost teachers at Lwensambya Primary School.

Also Kyotera County MP, Kasolo warned teachers who have made it a tendency of spending time in their gardens and dedicating under qualified people in their position. “You have now resorted to spending time in your gardens and send ‘O’ level vaccists to teach our children on a kibaluwa basis!” wondered Kasolo.

The minister vowed to make his own investigations with students as part of his informers. He further said that he is a Minister of General duties in Rakai district. “The President assigned me a duty of arranging all departments in Rakai and before I leave office the way health workers in Wakiso left, I think the lazybones here must leave first”, added the minister.

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