From Love to Honor Killing – Through the Haunted Eyes of a Woman

Through the Haunted Eyes of a Woman
Through the Haunted Eyes of a Woman

By Kritika Modgil

A sixteen-year-old girl gets killed in a brutal barbarian way. The murderers are her brother and father. They slit her throat in front of her classmates. Her name was stigmatized with ‘shame’ and they thought killing her will bring back the ‘honor’ to the family.

Petrified much? Well, so was I when I heard this story.

In another similar case of heinous murder by the family members, a father killed his three daughters hitting them all on the back of their head. The eldest one of the girls married his long-term boyfriend while the other two were still in school. The father murdered them all because he thought they were ‘whores’ and marrying against a father’s wish is not what daughters are supposed to do.

The newest case has been the murder of a Pakistani social media star, killed by her brother for bringing dishonor to the family. Her brother said that her selfies and videos on social media have been the reason why he had to take the step of killing her.

I have a few unanswered questions in mind and I’m sure most of you have them. “Is it not okay for a woman to make her own decisions when it comes to love and marriage? How long will it take for the men to understand that there is no honor in honor killings? When will we, as individuals, learn to fight evils like these in full force? Instead of ‘forgiving’ the murderer is it not important to punish him under law?”

Finding an answer is not the only thing that needs attention; it is imperative to take the necessary measures to stop it before we lose half the world’s women in the hands of brutal ‘honor killings.’

Honor killing isn’t restricted to one corner of the world – it’s taking over the countries one after the other like wildfire. It has become as simple as slitting the throat of a woman, smashing her head against the wall, shooting her in the head, setting her on fire or poisoning her to death.

It is rather unbelievable and cruel to accept that the family that brings up a woman can also be the one that’s responsible for bringing an end to her life. Despite calling ourselves the educated people of the 21st century we still live in cultural, religious and social boundaries.

The word honor clutches the murderers to such an extent that taking somebody’s life isn’t a big concern for them. On several occasions, the murderers have also given statements like “I don’t have any regrets,” “May the devil defecate on their graves. Is that what a daughter should be? Would she be such a whore?” Statements like these often force us to think about the vulnerability of women in the society. They compel us to think about women who have been slaughtered for making their choices and demands. Is this where we wanted to lead the women?

Honor killing might happen with 1% of all women in the world yet we just cannot ignore the mental trauma it causes to women who either witness it or read about it. Even if it falls under the rare of the rarest crimes, punishing the criminal is exactly what can bring about the difference. However, due to the inefficient system of a few countries justice to the victims is still denied.

My question is simple and straight,”Where is the ‘honor’ in these killings?” Honor Killing has taken me aback and with every news on this I am forced to think about the situation of the women who’re victims of this heinous act. While working with Jaipur Women Blog I realized that there’s a lot to still understand about women across the world and still more to do for them.

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