Honoring the Honorable Nsubuga: It’s Time Politicians Knew When to Go Political, When to Stop Mourning

The Late Mathias Nsubuga

LWENGO, Uganda: A positive mind and forgiving heart are the qualities of mourners more so during a eulogy. No one dares to mention the wrong deeds of a deceased person at their funeral or they will be labelled a monster… which would be right indeed.

It is always important to preserve a good memory of a deceased person hence the importance of putting aside all the grudges and anything that might damage the legacy of the dead. And luckily for Hon. Mathias Nsubuga Birekerawo, his legacy was well respected – probably because he was quite the saint.

The death of DP’s beloved Secretary General shocked a big number of Ugandans. His burial was a celebration done right. The hard-working politician was laid to rest in praises for his positive contribution to the party and the nation. In fact, his work was so good that the chairperson of Lwengo district, where the MP was born and buried, decided to name a road after him.

The Democratic Party president said the party will mourn for a full year while they vet their next candidate carefully. That is a very long time to mourn a person however great they may be, not even John F Kennedy or Abraham Lincoln was mourned for that long.

Twelve months without a Secretary General can do some real harm to the Party’s daily activities. No offense but that is ridiculous and makes DP the kind of party one would overlook during the polls. What if the Party was governing the country, would they have wasted a year remembering a dead person? If honor is what they are after, starting up a developmental program in memory of the fallen MP is a great idea. Sacrificing a year to mourning in whatever style is way too much.

Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere, the former DP President General used this opportunity to request for a peaceful power transition. Well, this is Uganda whose history does not hold any peaceful transition of power. Using an MP’s funeral to campaign for that, won’t change a thing. Why can’t politicians understand when to do politics? It is a man’s funeral, the least you can do to honor him is keep the day’s focus on him. What Dr. Ssemwogerere did is what one would call savage.

For starters, Museveni isn’t thinking of a peaceful transition or even stepping down for that matter. He probably never thought of it as he overthrew Obote remnants in 1986 which means stepping down as Commander in Chief isn’t in his ‘vision.’ Nothing can change that – not a dead man at least. So, it is important that the right things are done at the right time in the right place, any scholar always remembers that principle.

Nevertheless, Uganda commends its ‘representatives’ for giving the Hon. Mathias Nsubuga an honorable send off. His legacy will be remembered.

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Kenneth is currently a Mass Communication student at St Lawrence University. He holds a certificate in History and Literature. He is a social political critique, good creative writer and a poet.