Is Besigye Struggling For A New Political Chapter In Uganda As He Embarks On Land Sensitization Countrywide Tours?

Dr. Kizza Besigye

Besigye’s press address and comments over land sensitization makes me to remember why Steve Biko said this; “It is better to die for an idea that will live, than to live for an idea that will die.”  I’m juxtaposed to the truth whether this time round; this land campaign will live or simply die with time. What we all need to know is that in the ethos of political relevance, which might live for a few months just like the many failed campaigns.

Besigye is a sole proprietor and operates in sanguinity. I like that too. Much of his ardent followers believe he’s fighting for their rights, freedoms, and others but the truth needs to be told that he knows himself where he’s heading!

He is not controlled by FDC. By the fact that he runs his Katonga Road offices and those who believe in him frequent his Kasangati home, that is an achievement in itself as far as opposition politicians in Uganda are concerned. Based on his political ideology and the way he articulates politics he has a big following not only to the fans and members of FDC but even in NRMO, DP, UPC and others.

These individuals support the personality of Besigye than FDC. Politicians like Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago lead the flock of those from other parties but rather on his nascent political ideology and understanding the lifestyle of Ugandans and their day to day challenges.

Is there any chance that the many people facing the accelerated land grabbing in the country step up Besigye’s support and relevance in the country? How about IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura and the police operatives on his plans; Will they allow him and his followers? The answers to such questions will definitely be the usual ones.

They will obviously arrest him and the likes of Segirinya Muhammad, Erias Lukwago, Mubarak Munyagwa and others. Those are the usual ones who will follow Besigye and in the end the coercive nature of police will handle them. He’s going to sensitize Ugandans on land issues – not an issue pertinent with FDC. This is a general problem affecting either those in the ruling party or the opposition politicians. The good thing for those in the ruling party is that they have access to those with the coercive operatives like police. They have the abnormal (which is normal to them) advantage of throwing away those in possession of the land they want or they have already taken.

Political games of Besigye and the opposition leaders

and cases are simply issues keeping politicians into political relevance. Much as we see them mention the problem, they also fail to avail solutions to the same. That alone is one indicator of politicians taking advantage of the masses and keeps relevant in the political world as simple as that.

For as long as they cannot solve the problem but merely talking about it, it won’t bring back the land, many have lost. Many people in Buganda region per see and taking any example of Mukono, Wakiso and Kayunga; many poor people have lost their land and indeed in many cases the government have always come out to defend the rich people who bought or sometimes took the land.

A mere political talk over the matter can not avail any solutions even though they seem to mention it and exacerbate the situation.

Besigye has been so quiet over land issues for quite a long time. In fact that has never been his discussion at stake. The problem with these alleged country-wide campaigns on land issues also presents a different opportunity for Dr. Kizza Besigye to shine politically. He might achieve in this however much he’s also part of the land-grabbers in this country.

It is very difficult to assess how even many FDC politicians have acquired their land, because many of them are NRM historicals.

On Besigye’s has stood a test of time beyond many opposition leaders political scorecard in the survival and confused political environment.

Besides that, he has survived the lucid poverty looming amongst opposition politicians. A few have their private businesses while the many are singing songs in praise of poverty every now and then. That’s one sole reason as to why all opposition political parties have moles in them and indeed being snatched every now and then from their political hideouts by the NRMO or the president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for ministerial and other job opportunities.

The moment you think of political night-dancers in these political parties; then you see poverty walking in the streets and the moment you crush with poverty, one will be heard of languishing in absolute poverty in villages. Those are facts and never to be taken for granted. Many politicians have lost it and are silently becoming irrelevant yet they were so outspoken over societal matters. Politicians like Hon. John Ken Lukyamuzi aka ‘the man’ are almost invisible these days.

Finally, Besigye might be running away with the politics of national unity and that which cares for the people. Land is a great topic to be discussed therefore; the government might also find it hard for him to sensitize people because most of the land thieves work with the government officials.

Ghana’s notorious last dictator Jerry Rawlings also said that; “If our people lose the courage to confront what is wrong then we become collaborators.” Basically Besigye might be running into a political wall therefore to devise means of political inertia and survival, and then his land sensitization agenda makes a lot of sense. This will as well introduce a new Besigye to the people of Uganda and indeed the FDC diehards.

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