Deputy Ambassador Baswale Kezaale Muhammad Running Away from biting Poverty in the Opposition

DP President Norbert Mao and Deputy Ambassador Baswale Kezaale Muhammad
DP President Norbert Mao and Deputy Ambassador Baswale Kezaale Muhammad

In a country with a politically bastardized understanding of politics, it is so common to find politicians crossing over political parties and indeed the so-called ruling political party.

Peasants in politics or unknown and mediocre politicians thrive in such a system and the society is the one to suffer.  The unfortunate case is that we end up hoodwinking the rest of us into supporting them politically and at the end we stray into the continued political confusion.

Ambassador Baswale Kezaale Muhammad, Hon. Maria Mutagamba, Hon. Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere, Hon. Kisamba Mugerwa, Hon. Specioza Wandira Kazibwe and among others are some of the politicians who have crossed ranks of politics into serving the ruling party. Many have crossed while others have worked effectively with the NRMO government of president Museveni.

Baswale has been getting “pro-bono” legal services from Counsel Asuman Basalirwa. Notably, pro-bono is free legal services from lawyers. This came as a result of his lost mayoral elections in 2016 were he claimed to have been rigged out by his NRMO opponent. He lost his Mayor-ship of Jinja Municipality seat to Mr. Idd Batambuze of NRMO. With that in context, he lost a lot of money in campaigns yet the party he served (DP) did not support him at all.

Besides that, the DP and its leader Norbert Mao and his ‘wololo’, the DP spokesperson Kenneth Kakande all blamed him for resigning as the national chairman of DP to attaining a job as a deputy ambassador in the office of the president yet he got no legal or financial support from DP! Is it really his problem to resign as the national DP chairman?  The answer is that he was fed up with the empty political and financial promises from DP. If he was facing financial constraints then and today, he needs to solve such personal distress other than sitting home and wait to criticize the government on an empty stomach.

Even DP with the many legal brains failed to come up with the legal support to Baswale. It is even shocking to hear them murmuring always of the ‘brain power’ and the legal minds they have. It is unfair to criticize him on a decision to go and serve his country.

Political tempers always flare with the opposition politicians especially in DP. Many DP leaders or members like Mao, Mukasa Fred Mbidde, Erias Lukwago and many others are so good in subjective criticism without real and workable political solutions.

Like Baswale, many people in the DP are political night-dancers. Much as they keep quiet, many leaders in DP meet the president at night and sing opposition during the day. Recently, Hon. Medard Ssegona aka Akalya’Maggwa’ also argued out that during the IPOD meeting with president Museveni, Baswale and Late Mathias Nsubuga. He argued that the IPOD meeting was for only political parties’ secretary generals.

For Ssegona, the reason Kezaala was in the meeting; was simply to lobby for the ambassadorial job he has been nominated for. It is sad that, even politicians at that level, never see how others are struggling financially that, they must believe in DP and rot in poverty. Such reasoning cannot really change anything politically or even lead DP into power if at all DP is still operating in Uganda to attain power since the 1960z when the Late Bennecto Kiwanuka led the party to that past political glory.

Better blame this on poverty! Before we nail the poor man on crossing to go and serve in the national service or even joining the ruling party what we need to understand is his political and economic ambitions. Yes, we all believe the fact that there’s need for believing and following a political agenda or theory so as you front yourself to that political ideology. This however comes with a cost. In most cases the family and to some political persecution comes into context. The moment that is understood and focused upon, then people address their personal lifestyle as well.

This comes with the financial muscle and in all contexts if there is no balance between the two, then one has to forego one of the two. I’m not saying that Kezaala was looking at that alone but with the above example of extra costs to be paid after the loss of his post as mayor; then even talking to Basalirwa became complicated! There are many politicians who have lost their families, business empires they built for a lifetime and many more.

Like the rest of the other politicians, the Deputy Ambassador might be tracking the worst fight with poverty which he was scared of loosing! You and I clearly know the truth about the poverty in Busoga. Besides that many politicians in the Busoga region are facing the worst loop-sided look at national politics over their personal financial situation.

Besides that, both the opposition and the ruling party politics is a circus of political lies. It is very difficult for those who have lost elections. They succumb to doing anything to survive at the national level and indeed resort to all worst means of earning a living like corruption and bribery. The many scandals which have persisted between politicians these days are about how corrupt they are or rather who took the biggest amount of public funds they have embezzled.

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