EXCLUSIVE: Great Buganda and West Nile FUFA Delegates want Lawrence Mulindwa In, Magogo Out

War of Fufa house Moses Magogo and Mulindwa
War of Fufa house Moses Magogo and Mulindwa

Barely months to FUFA’s discretionary all-purpose congress, all seems not to end well. At least we can reveal here at the Investigator.

Even before they sit, FUFA’s delegates have already started waging hush-hush missions against current Federation boss Moses Magogo.

The pitched camp missions are hatching plans on who should come in next as the country’s top football honcho.

Verified information coming to The investigator sports desk, indicate that current FUFA delegates, and, close to football sympathizers no longer have confidence in Magogo. There preference is geared towards a reverse to former Fufa boss Lawrence Mulindwa.

The delegates especially from the great Buganda and those from West Nile prefer to differ from other delegates’ beliefs concerning Magogo going into the AGM, which will be an elective one to usher in office a new federation executive committee and/or office bearers.

That Magogo has overseen Football go back to AFCON is not matter to them, and they too appreciate, but their argument is that Magogo is not the guy who consults them on football matters. He often times does every significant decision on football and its administration all alone.

“He is not the one who would consult anyone. He wants to do it alone and even if he consulted he is not the one to listen.” One delegate whose school of thought is that Mulindwa was a better team player than the later complained.


Fast forward, with whispers to him from different football stakeholders, delegates and the media among others, people who believe in the St Mary’s Kitende (SMACK) proprietor, Mulindwa is already a step ahead with several consultative meetings on how best he can come in or go on with the developments.

Mulindwa’s meetings with those that believe in him are meant to address two things. One, is whether it should be him to come in the race or; two, he fronts someone on his behalf lest people think he is trying to make FUFA his home.

One other thing is that after his eight years reign, he (Mulindwa) left a famous but stained person by his opponents, many of whom were those he entrusted with positions but moles in his administration.

“He (Mulindwa) might come himself or front someone we shall also trust. We are not going to wait for another term with someone who is not a team player.” Another delegate said.

“Mulindwa was being fought for no reason but by those who never wanted the man to take due credit.” He adds.

Mujib Hasule in

“If not Mulindwa himself then we are hoping he (Mulindwa) blesses young man Mujibu for the Job. We are sure he has the potential to lead the federation and he is passionate about football in Uganda.” Another equally aggrieved delegate chips in.

Truth be told, Mujib’s football CV reads he is potent. He is a former player with KCCA FC, a former director with the obsolete USL-the body that pioneered professionalizing football in the country.

He is a former FUFA Chairman technical committee under Mulindwa administration; a director with Proline football Academy and, now a fully fledged football club playing great competitive football in the Azam Uganda Premier league.

Mujib also has foreign football connections through his Proline football concept with Manchester United’s former defender Rio Ferdinand and young brother Anton Julian Ferdinand who plays for Queens Park Rangers also an English football club.

Mujib is also technical with him being a coach at his Proline football club. Mujib’s expertise and experience on football is unequaled both administratively and technically.

It’s at this milieu that Mulindwa might opt out and blesses Mujib for the job at the seat of Uganda’s football in Mengo.

Why Mulindwa blessings

This is a question whose answer does not call for a rocket scientist. Even Moses Magogo is well aware of the Mulindwa-football magic. Mulindwa is a match-maker when talking about football administrative matters in Uganda at the moment.

Nobody comes and makes convince football delegates without a Mulindwa semblance on anything football. Magogo himself rode on a Mulindwa fact coming in 2013.

Actually, before he started deviating from the Mulindwa football itinerary, many knew how Magogo was left behind by the former to accomplish the Kitende proprietor’s dream of Cranes playing at AFCON finals; a dream that came 2017.

Mulindwa should be a happy man wherever he is, while Magogo deviated at many things, his AFCON dream lived on and Cranes have qualified and played in Gabon thanks to his (Mulindwa’s) efforts as FUFA President throughout the eight years he had at the football’s helm where Magogo was his administration junior.

Is Mulindwa interested?

Certainly yes, Mulindwa carries great football administration interest and he is not about to lose the grip on such interest in football, both local, regional and on the continent.

Whether he is the man at the helm or not, his undying interest lies in the fact that he is a football club owner (Vipers SC) and he started professional football in the country with the Jinja Declaration (JDC) under his reign at FUFA.

It’s therefore cheap talk for anyone to say he (Mulindwa) has no interest and that he should leave football before he oversees his football philosophy seed germinate to fruition.

Mulindwa wishes so much for football and those that actively dedicate their time to it. Talk of a professional league where players will have signed and sealed contracts with benefits, Cranes continues back-to-back AFCON qualifications and play competitively on the continent.

That is how strong is Mulindwa’s football passion and reverie, which he would want someone with, akin to his football psyche in Uganda.

Not Bothered

Magogo is not bothered at all. Not once or twice has he told people that he is the man basing his remarks on one mammoth fact that he has delivered Cranes to the Gabon AFCON, an exploit every football following Ugandan has hugely waited for 39 years.

The wait is no longer; and Magogo walks with his head high like a Hollywood movie star.

On this achievement, Magogo packages his utmost arrogance ready to tell people off of his accomplishment for football.

It’s at this point that, clearly Buganda and West Nile delegates believe a Mulindwa led administration next would do all the wonders never ever happened to local football, or even his foster administrator.

Midi’s picks

Politics aside, FUFA’s Hamid Midi Juma is not the man to play politics a head of the beautiful game itself. Like others, a football official, he would have a side to go by but that is his preserve.

He says football should direct the mode. Administrators only follow on the route so he does not believe in who is saying what.

As long as football wins nobody cares whoever is in. what we need is to see to it that the game develops wholesomely.

Talk of youth structures, the big league, the top tier league and the national team at all levels. We want Uganda to be among the elites not the country that remains lagging behind.

Midi took over from Mujib, who resigned as FUFA Vice President in charge of technical Committee in May 2014.

Midi had been chairman of the FUFA Inter-regions Committee.

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