FAMINE WOES: 25year Teacher kills 55 Year Old for stealing 10kgs of beans as Famine bites Harder

DPC Rakai Hashim Kasinga
DPC Rakai Hashim Kasinga

Rakai: At this rate Rakai district may soon go down in the Guinness Book of records for highest murder cases.

A week doesn’t elapse before a case of murder is reported, most case mysterious and flimsy killings.

The latest is that involving a teenager aged 25 years old; Wilber Ndawula who clobbered his employee, Luboobi aged 55 years to death.

The heinous act happened on Tuesday in Byenkyende village, Kyarurangira Sub County in Rakai district. What started as a joke ended in death.

Ndawula accused Luboobi for allegedly stealing ten kilograms of beans, two saucepans and two hoes, all valued at less than UGX50,000.

Luboobi has been grazing Ndawula’s cows and has also been a casual labourer who used to engage in other activities on the village.

Ndawula is a renowned farmer who owns cows, goats, sheep, pigs and poultry. He is also a teacher at El shadai Nursery and Primary school situated at Byokya village in Kibanda Sub County, Rakai district.

According to residents, Luboobi clobbered to death after failing to reveal where he had kept the items.

Ndawula informed Police that his neighbours saw Luboobi boozing in a nearby bar and they suspected him of having stolen items from his home.

“People called me to come and ask Luboobi where he had sold my items. I first went to my home and confirmed the beans, hoes and the two saucepans were no where to be seen”, said Ndawula.

He added that Luboobi was ready to tell where he had kept the items only that a few residents gave him some slaps and he later changed his mind.

Luboobi slipped and fell down where he got severe injuries according to Ndawula.

The teacher denied having beaten Luboobi and instead said his employee was so much drunk.

Rakai district has experienced over ten cases of murder in the last one and half months. These included mobs, domestic violence and sacrifices of two five year children.

Hashim Kasinga the District Police Commander (DPC) has vowed to collaborate with responsible citizens such that these cases are totally out of the district.

“We need to collaborate with a few residents who tend to know these wrong doers so that this hooliganism is eliminated in the area”, said Kasinga.

Kasinga added that he is also yet to begin community policing so that people tend to know their roles and other people’s roles. He said the many tribes in the district have also brought divisions among people hence killing one another.

Ndawula was caged in Rakai Police cells and a murder case was opened against him on RKI CRB 142/17

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