GRUESOME: 5 Year old boy found with Chopped Head in A chilling dreadful Murder

Detectives carrying Mubiru's body inset Lukeera Godfrey suspect
Detectives carrying Mubiru's body inset Lukeera Godfrey suspect

Rakai:  Residents of Rakai are still yet to recover from a wave of shock that rocked them this week following the recovery of a 5 year old boy. Jona Mubiru disappeared from the parents some days ago with a frantic search for him leading to the recovery of his mutilated body in a nearby swamp.

According to children who were playing alongside Jonah that evening, an unidentified man came and gave a few coins to the kid as he convinced him to go and buy pancakes in town.

The children gave this information to Jonah’s parents, Robert Mutebi and Rose Namukiibi who quickly reported to Kyotera police station to assist in the search.

Mutebi, Mubiru’s dad is a taxi driver along Kyotera-Kooki road. After days of frantic search, Mubiru’s body was discovered on Saturday near an eucalyptus forest in Kasambya village Mitukula in Kyotera town council which is some two kilometers from the parents home. The blood soaked body also had trails of blood along the path.

His head had been cut and only an inch had remained with signs showing that blood had been drained from the body.

The residents that who found Jonah’s body were farmers who were rushing to their gardens to cultivate that morning.

Kyotera Police led by OC Station Patience Baganzi was called in and with the help of a sniffer dog managed to spot a neighbour’s home that brought some suspicions.

The home belonged to a one Galabuzi who is about 100 metres away from the scene. Galabuzi is known as an electrician by most of the residents in the area.

However, Galabuzi was nowhere to be seen despite the several phone calls that were made to him by the authorities.

Around Galabuzi’s home was an abandoned shrine that showed signs of inactiveness.

Backcloths and several traditional instruments were also found in Galabuzi’s house after a search by police.

Jonah has been pursuing his studies at Calidality Christian School in Kyotera town and had been promoted to the top class which he was to start this February.

Several residents said that the little boy must have been followed for a certain period of time since most children taken into such practices are not circumcised.

Jonah was not circumcised, a reason that could also have sparked off being spotted by the merciless murderer.

Joseph Kabanda, one of the residents said this wasn’t the first time such an incident had happened in their locality.

The doctor inspecting the toddler's remains
The doctor inspecting the toddler’s remains

“Three months ago, another child was sacrificed here as well.

Ritual sacrifices have been too much in Rakai and this has posed a great threat among parents in the district. The latest was on 18th January this year when a five year old Eseza Katusiime was slaughtered by two men.

These unidentified men are said to have forced the mother, Sarah Atuhiire to also participate in killing and drowning blood from the innocent daughter.

The Kyotera Town Council Chairperson Mohamed Ssenyonga advised residents to work on their own pace and avoid rushing for “quick money”.

The District Police Commander (DPC) Hashim Kasinga vowed to hunt for the killers.

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