STATUS QUO MAINTAINED: Museveni explains Ambassador Nomination as the Kyabazinga calls for Unity in Busoga Kingdom

The Busoga Kyabazinga William Nadiope IV and President Museveni
The Busoga Kyabazinga William Nadiope IV and President Museveni

President Museveni defended his appointment of the Kyabazinga of Busoga as ambassador in his office unequivocally. This he explained in the face of the Kyabazinga himself during the Kyabazinga day celebrations were he was the chief guest of honor.

The Kyabazingaship started in 1939 and on Saturday, it was the 78th year celebrations of unity and peace in Busoga. The celebrations took place in Namutumba district which is also Busiki chiefdom according the Busoga cultural and indeed part of the 11 chiefdoms.

President Museveni said, “Cultural leaders should get employment and work for the development of their kingdoms.” This was in response to critics that the appointed was based on grounds that the Kyabazinga has skills he should put it to use. The president also dismissed allegations that it’s the Kyabazinga who approached him seeking for employment!

The president explained the ambassador nomination as follows: I want to congratulate His Royal Highness not only for this day but because he is a young man who I supported for his degree and he went on and got a master’s degree too. I came here also to congratulate His Royal Highness the Kyabazinga on the 78th Kyabazinga day anniversary and celebrations.

A few weeks ago when he came to see me, I was very happy. I love young people who are committed to education. I said yes, you are a King but why can’t you support and build your country!

I’m the one who restored kingdoms and I knew where HRH Gabula IV can build his country without conflicting with the constitution. Those who were not happy with HRH Gabula IV’s appointment claimed royals do not work. Not true! I remember the King of Russia.

President Museveni greeting some of the Busoga Royals and Lukiiko members
President Museveni greeting some of the Busoga Royals and Lukiiko members

In Russia 1600-1700 ‘Peter the Great’, the King is the one who modernized Russia. It was lagging behind in development to the rest of Europe. Peter the Great, King of Russia took 2500 royals from Russia to Holland to work in a ship building factory.

The main problem of Russia was lack of modern warships. Western Europe was more developed in comparison. The king himself and royals learnt how to build. Russia King later worked on a farm in England before going back home. He made Russia great, that’s how it became powerful.

Even in wars; Russia defeated Sweden, Turkey, etc and became powerful because of Peter the Great. It is therefore on this note that royals can work.

In reference HRH Gabula IV, Museveni mentioned that he told your brother Muhoozi Kainerugaba (in reference to close relationship they have) to do research on Peter the Great and he wrote a paper that I want to share with you.

The president went ahead and rebuked those Basoga and other Ugandans who had taken it as a political shot to claim that he contradicted the constitution in his nomination of the Kyabazinga. He said; “Then you see people telling lies on Televisions and radios and even sweating that kings cannot work. They can work if you follow critically the history of the world”.

President Museveni greeting Speaker and senior advisor to the kyabazinga Kadaga
President Museveni greeting Speaker and senior adviser to the kyabazinga Kadaga

Maybe the president was responding to some politicians like Asuman Basalirwa who was among those who attended. Basalirwa had promised to drag the president to courts of law over the Kyabazinga nomination as ambassador insisting that he’s a cultural leader. Of course some others were heard murmuring but nothing much was heard apart from calmness and all smiles from the VVIP tents.

Such powerful empires emerged as a result of kings and royals involvement in work and leading by example. Thus, the nomination of Kyabazinga as an Ambassador in the office of the president is now confirmed and cemented that it does not contradict the law.

Kyabazinga addresses Basoga:

The Kyabazinga, His Royal Highness William Gabula Kadhumbula Nadiope IV addressed the Basoga who had come to listen to their cultural leader. In his speech, Gabula IV emphasized unity, Transparency and Accountability in the Kingdom by all stakeholders in Busoga.

“Okwisania n’amaani” (unity is strength) and we must work hard to improve our lives. The Kyabazinga ordered the people of Busoga to invest meticulously in education, agriculture and indeed unite for the better.

Calling on the youth to participate in these and be instrumental in improving their lives is a great opportunity to tap into the many kingdom subjects. Since the region is lagging behind in terms of education, health and indeed the epitome of poverty, the Kyabazinga struck great points to the Basoga.

The Kyabazinga also further explained to his subjects to promote education; health and unity in the Kingdom which he said are keys for Busoga’s development. These uplift both the social and economic statuses of the Basoga and create change in society. Afunvughe Iseffe, Baba ghaida n’enkabi.

The Kyabazinga day celebrations in Busiki chiefdom were well attended and indeed went on well as organized as the many had a glance at their Kyabazinga. To the many attendees, they appreciated the kind and wisdom words from their Kyabazinga. The issue of his nomination as an Ambassador in the office of the president was put rest by the chief guest as analyzed above.

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