Are Ugandan EALA Representatives More Motivated By Personal Gain Or By The Interests Of The EAC?

Mukasa Fred Mbidde and Mathias Kasamba
Mukasa Fred Mbidde and Mathias Kasamba

Funny political issues never cease to exist in Uganda. The marriage of convenience or call it political eating is between UPC and NRMO! UPC’s merger with NRMO is merely an agreed upon idea between the two presidents of the political parties even though the one for UPC is still contested but save for Uganda police to chase away his opponents from Uganda House. Hon. Jimmy Akena has cemented his UPC presidency on coercive means not particularly as being voted for.

Ms. Florence Ibi Ekwau and Ms. Kamateneti Ingrid Turinawe have all been fronted by FDC. The only question here is that; is FDC right or wrong on sending two contestants through the parliament’s ventilation or rather being greedy for representation? By whatever understanding, this has two contexts. One is that, they are power thirsty and minding their political party and personal representation while on the other hand simply underestimating other political parties in opposition.

It is true that part of UPC is in the hands of NRMO but it is not true that they are not in parliament? Hon. Nandala Mafabi with all the effort has argued that, they have to send two representatives in EALA yet he knows it clearly that the remaining slots do not allow that!

What type of politics are they marketing or rather a bunch of politics willing to go it alone!

It is not true that they have to use the missed chance previously when they disagreed to send their choice of legislator. Why did FDC miss out last time on the EALA elections in the first place? Is this FDC bigheadedness in favor of the country’s increased political problems or merely at personal level? For these two questions, one can simply say that they are being unfair to the rest in opposition. It is Ugandans to judge whether UPC is with NRMO or not; not FDC to choose so! In case they take the same as in the past; they definitely loose it again.

Is it 6-2-1 or rather 6-1-1-1 for the EALA representation: It was a matter of time that NRMO took the lions’ share. In fact they were already seeking to front seven (7) EALA candidates and by all cases they would have won these seats in parliament based on their numbers in the house. The 7 members’ aspect however caused fracas in the State House where they were conducting their elections and indeed cancelled the elections until yesterday that they voted for six (6) EALA candidates.

These polled yesterday as follows; Paul Musamali (157), Mary Mugyenyi (115), Dennis Namara (114), George Odongo (119), Rose Akol (139) and Mathias Kasamba (119). To NRMO, these included regional balancing and special interest groups. With that as well, Ms. Sarah Kagingo (84), Mwebaze Sarah Wanene (83), Emmanuel Dombo (89), Ambrose Murangira (99) and Yona Musinguzi (95) lost painfully after indeed a well fought battle. Maybe they paid less to the already greedy MP Caucus electorates.

This puts rest to the fact that, UPC is not included in the voting pattern of yesterday. Further to this, UPC has fronted Chris Opoka Okumu as their candidate to represent their party. Mukasa Fred Mbidde, the kowtow- and –poohoo gentleman is fronted thornily by DP and indeed there’s no doubt that he will make it again to Arusha.

Why political parties front EALA legislators? EALA is based on social, political and economic discussions and understanding of this decorum in East African Community. It is this perspective of looking at EAC as a supranational body which is composed of member states as to which each country fronts its goals and opportunities to market herself.

The question is how Uganda benefits in all the noise spitting candidates. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni this time round came out straight that, we’re not fronting job seekers but rather we must send people to front Uganda’s views at benefiting

Sheds of opinion as per the EAC treaty calls for the political ideology of each of the political parties in each national parliament! For the case of Uganda; you can adduce that FDC is composed of leftist, UPC is centre rightist, DP is centre left while NRMO is nearly centre in terms of either right or left.

Are political parties right to front EALA legislators on political party lines or rather the interests of Uganda as a constituency in the East African Community (EAC) is at stake! In most cases history repeats itself.

During the ending 3rd EALA legislation; Ugandan legislators were quite scandalous over who must lead the delegation in Arusha and indeed become the speaker of EALA. They started off with the fact that NRMO had opted support for Hon. Byamukama as the leader and speaker since it was Uganda’s chance but Hon. Nantongo Zziwa failed to accept it and henceforth was voted as the speaker.

Within the course of her work as speaker, Ugandan legislators continued to orchestrate deals of impeaching her and this indeed appeared as Hon. Daniel Kidega succeeded her. It was only objected by Mukasa Mbidde. She has henceforth opted to swallow her pride and headed for legal redress and which she’s likely to win.

Like what is happening today; are Uganda’s interests in EAC being catered for or rather being overlooked for personal interests! To me, the answer is yes and indeed Uganda will continue to pursue something they do not understand where its heading other than the president of Uganda and the few especially the minister for EAC and nearly zero EALA representatives.

All of us have jumped on supporting personal and sometimes egocentric interests of the few individuals. This has been showed in the case of those who have been in EALA. After representing Uganda in Arusha, we expect them to be deployed as diplomats or envoys especially in the region or Africa at that because of the exposure they have gained.

Unfortunately, after serving the two terms, some have ended up in the private sector while others are struggling to get back into national politics which is again monetized.

At the end of it all others have simply lost truck of politics and indeed retired. That puts Uganda at stake as a country as we send relics of failed politicians who favor themselves first and the country later or even not there.

The more you dig deep in this case of EALA, the more you understand how personal it has been turned to and finally why Ugandans have failed to understand why we’re in the East African Community. Much as we need Ugandans to try to believe that the Community exists, it is at the same time that many see it as an elusive one and very difficult to convince a Ugandan on its benefits.

Many struggle to join EALA for clearly personal interests. When you listen to all the candidates (those who won and the losers), they seem to front utopia issues or personal ones. They cannot grasp the social, political and economic reasons as to why the EAC was formulated!

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